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LeBron James

Who won the scoring title in '10 and is going to in '11? KD. Who is more important to his team? KD. Hmmmmmmmm...

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kevin durant because he has height over lebron he is a better shooter than lebron

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Q: Who is better Kevin durant or Lebron james?
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Who is better Lebron James or Michael Durent?

Who's Michael Durent? Do you mean Kevin Durant? If so, LeBron is better. Kevin Durant has higher scoring stats, but lebron is overall better.

Who is Kevin durant idol?

Lebron James

Who score more points lebron or kevin durant?

lebron james

Who is paid more Kevin durant or lebron James?

In 2010-11, LeBron made more than Durant.

Who is kevin Durant's best friend?

James Harden or Micheal Beasley or maybe LeBron James

What three NBA stars are the richest?

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant

Is Kevin durant better than lebron James?

i think Kevin is better because he is younger

Which player has the best chance of winning the NBA MVP award in 2012?

LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kevin Love have the best shot at it, but if you ask me LeBron james will take his third MVP title

Is LeBron James adopted?

No, Kevin Durant was not adopted. He was raised by his biological parents, Wayne and Wanda Pratt.

Who are the leading scorers in NBA currently?

Kevin Durant 1171 Monta Ellis 1159 Amar'e Staudimire 1147 Kobe Bryant 1144 Lebron James 1087

Who will make the US Olympics?

Kobe Bryant Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony LeBron James Tyson Chandler

LeBron James is gay?

no he has to be, he invested in a gay bar in miami!