What shoes are best for athletes foot?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Shoes that allow a lot of air to enter and leave are best. These might be sandals, for instance.

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There is no "best" athletes foot shoe store, since shoes are all chosen by preference. However, there are tons of great brands for shoes, such as Adidas, Nike, and Reebok.

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Q: What shoes are best for athletes foot?
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Why are olympic athletes wearing yellow shoes?

There are more foot injuries in olympic athletes who go barefoot, and they have more problems with traction.

Why does christofer drew never were shoes?

When Christofer was 15 he got really bad athletes foot and that made him kinda just stop wearing shoes since.

What kind of Fitness shoes are the best for jumpers?

One of the best Fitness shoes that I have always like is Nike. They have always had some of the best running and Fitness shoes for jumpers and athletes.

How do shoes help us in life?

They help the arch of your foot, and they prevent athletes foot, fungus, sore feet, scabs, and all other "boo boos".

Can athletes foot cause death?

No....its just athletes foot

Where can you buy the best nike shoes?

you can buy them in foot locker there the best

Where can I buy salomon running shoes online?

The athletes foot has salomon running shoes and running shorts. You have a good selection from them and you can match the brand and colors. They carry a lot of sizes also.

Where is fungii usually found?

Fungi is usually found in warm moist places such as underneath logs and in smelly shoes, this causes athletes foot.

Why does athletes shoes often have cleats on them?

Athletes shoes often have cleats on them to improve grip in dirt or grassy feilds.

Where to buy converse shoes in Winnipeg Manitoba?

you can buy them at foot locker, athletes world, sterling, i recommend sterling though, they have nice colors =] but foot locker has great prices sometimes ;D

What are comfortable shoes to get for someone with diabetic foot pain?

I think the best shoes to get for someone with diabetic foot is the one that comfort you the most. But you can buy a special diabetic shoe at Medicare or Foot Smart

What does it means when your left foot itches?

you could have athletes foot, a bug bite, your shoes might be tight, or you might even be getting a wart. if it continues you should consider seeing a doctor! hope this helps :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===