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There are more foot injuries in olympic athletes who go barefoot, and they have more problems with traction.

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Q: Why are olympic athletes wearing yellow shoes?
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Why are so many Olympic athletes wearing the neon green-yellow shoes?

They were a free gift from Nike.

Why are olympic runners wearing ugly yellow shoes?

Nike supply them free for the athletes. The yellow theme is a ploy by their clever marketing people. I guess it works cos it's brought your attention to them!

Why are olympic runners wear yellow shoes?

The athletes get free shoes and clothing from different brands. The yellow shoes are Nike and are made to custom fit each individual athletes feet by Nike labs & engineering. Nike makes sponsorship deals with all types of athletes from all countries of the world. Some are really small deals that just include a few pairs of shoes and clothing for the athlete and some are large deals that include millions of dollars with shoes and clothing but most are somewhere in between. After all, the marketing department at Nike wants publicity and all the yellow shoes on 90% of the best athletes in world at the most world watched event is a pretty good way to get it!! The "yellow" on the shoes is 100% marketing!!

What brand are the yellow shoes Olympic runners wear?


What Olympic event has runners wearing shoes with perforations to allow for drainage?


Where can you buy yellow shoes like the Olympians are wearing?


Why does christofer drew never were shoes?

When Christofer was 15 he got really bad athletes foot and that made him kinda just stop wearing shoes since.

Who made the yellow running shoes the olympic runners wear?


Why do olympic runners wear yellow running shoes?

The shoes and clothing worn at the games are designed to help the people wearing them run, swim, jump, or play better. The color is just what was used by the company who made them. There is no reason they are one certain color.

What were the yellow shoes called that Selena Gomez was wearing in ramona and beezus?


What colour shoes was Michael Johnson wearing when he won the 200 m in 1996 Olympic in atlanta?


Why doesnt christofer drew wear shoes?

In an interview he said it was because he used to get athletes foot a lot so he wouldn't wear shoes and after it got better he was so used to not wearing shoes that he just doesn't anymore (according to yahoo) ... by Armando Conde