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If the card looks like it is in such good shape it is probably a fake.

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Q: What are the signs of a fake ray bourque rookie card?
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Is a gretzky rookie card with a fake autograph still worth money?

No. An autograph devalues a card. It makes the card worth as much as the autograph, and a fake autograph is worth nothing.

How do you know if a Larry Bird 1990 card is authentic?

I actually own a graded one so I know it is not a fake. Some people say that the O Pee Chee card has extra yellow on the left shoulder of Gretzky. It is more or less a blotch. The Topps card only has a faint line of yellow on the left shoulder. Other than that Buy pre graded cards. If the condition of the card is to good to be true. It is a FAKE!!!

Value of a Mario lemieux rookie card?

If its real then about 200 dollars. there are a lot of fake ones in circulation though

Is there a fake topps gretzky rookie?

Yes, Michael Jordan and Tom Seaver also are common fake Rc's

How can you tell a fake card from a real card?

you have to have the real one and see if its fake or not

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How can you add hologram to a fake yu gi oh card. Is this possible?

Yes you can have a holo fake card. ive had an ultra cure mermaid that was fake but i ripped it :)

Are fake credit dard numbers illegal?

Fake credit card numbers are illegal. If you get caught using fake credit card numbers, you could go to jail.

How do you tell if exodia the dark master is fake?

If you have a card called "Exodia the Dark Master", then it is a fake. There is no authentic card with that name.

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Is Darkly Big Rabbi a good card?

It is a fake card, there is no real card of that name.