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Q: How do you tell a fake Jordan rookie?
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Is there a fake topps gretzky rookie?

Yes, Michael Jordan and Tom Seaver also are common fake Rc's

How can you tell Jordans are fake?

if the Jordan symbol is backwards

Is Jordan abc fake website fake?

yes cuz i know him and he told me not to tell any one but...

How much Michael Jordan rookie contract was worth?

How much Michael Jordan rookie contract

How are Jordan's fake?

they would be fake if they weren't made by nike or the Jordan brand

When was the air Jordan lauched?

1985(Air Jordan 1) during his rookie season.

How can you tell if Jordan are fake?

The overall quality is bad. The material does not feel highquality. The shoe is extremely light (barely any material used), The Jordan logo is backwards. Carbon Fiber is painted on. Shoe rips easily (at the seams). Box is in bad condition. In the inside size tag of more recent jordans, the serial number should start with "UPC", if it starts with "PAT", the shoe is most likely fake.

Is manyshoes2you fake?

some are for instance like Jordan's .......if the Michael Jordan sign is backwards than that means their fake

What is Jordan free throw average as a rookie?

He shot .845 in his rookie season on 630 of 746 free throws.

Which basketball player was the rookie of the year in the1984-85?

Michael Jordan won Rookie of the Year in 1984-1985

Who was the NBA Rookie of the Year after Michael Jordan?

Patrick Ewing

Who broke Michael Jordan's ankles?

A.I. his rookie year!