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The right to serve is decided by the court and the person that scored the last point will serve. <3

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Q: How is the right to serve decided in tennis?
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How is the serve decided in tennis?

You flip a coin and the winner can either decide to serve or receive or they can choose the side to start on. The other player chooses one of the options the other player did not choose.

What does on serve in tennis mean?

A serve in tennis is when you have the ball to start a game. For instance, the score is 3-4 games, you with 3 games won, and it is your turn to serve. A serve is when you hit the ball on the opposite side of the court in the square. Example: Standing on the right side to serve, you hit it in the square on the left side.

How is women's ranking in tennis decided?

It is decided on how they are good at sex

Is the underarm serve rejected in tennis?

You can hit an underhand serve in tennis; however, the overhand serve is more effective because it is more powerful. That is why you don't see the underhand serve used much.

How do you return a tennis serve?


What happens at the start of tennis?

a serve

What can you serve but you can never eat?

A tennis ball!

What is the speed of a serve in table tennis not tennis?

It depends on how hard you want to hit the ball

What do we serve that we don't eat?

a tennis ball

What do you serve that you cannot eat?

A tennis ball.

What you can serve cannot eat?


What is a serve that grazes the net in tennis?

a fault