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It is decided on how they are good at sex

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Q: How is women's ranking in tennis decided?
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How can you get a world ranking in tennis?

you get a world ranking in tennis by first being good at tennis and second of all winning competions like the astralia open etc

What is tier 4?

Its a womens tennis assosiation lol

Is tennis better than Womens basketball?


Is there a historical ranking of popularity of Tennis players?


What does pr mean in a tennis draw?

Protected ranking.

What organizations represents men's professional tennis and womens professional tennis?

Men's tennis organisation: ATP Women's tennis organisation: WTA

Who held the number 1 ranking uninterrupted in tennis for the longest time?

Mens-Patrick McHughes (Nov 1891-May 1908) Womens-Mary Jo Cades (Mar 1922-July 1934)

What is the womens professional tennis circuit called?

The WTA Tour

Who is the number one player in womens tennis?

jimmy thomms

Who won the womens Wimbledon tennis 2008?

Venus Williams

Individual and dual sport?

1.Womens Basketball2.Mens Basketball3.Womens indoor volleyball4.Womens Beach Volleyball5.Men's indoor Volleyball6.Men's Beach Volleyball7.Womens Track and Field8.Mens track and Field9.Womens Grass Tennis10.Womens Tennis - Clay11.Womens Tennis - Indoor12.Womens Tennis - Outdoor13. Mens tennis -Grass14.Mens tennis- Clay15. Mens tennis - indoor16.Mens tennis - outdoor17. Mens Racquetball18.Womens racquetballall19. Women's Lacross20. Mens Lacross21. Powder puff Football22. Mens American football23. Women's soccer24.Mens soccer25. Rugby26.Cricket27. Barrel Racing28. Team Calf Roping29. Mens Baseball30.Womens softball31.Mens swimming32.Womens swimming33.Womens Diving34.Mens Diving35.White Water Rafting36. BMX racing37. Dirt bike racing38. Power lifting39.Ping pong40.Cross Country41.Snow boarding42.Sking43.Water Skiing44. Ice skating45. Ice Racing46.Ice Hockey47.Ballet48. Gymnastics49.Boxing50.Car Racing

What is Serena Williams tennis ranking?

World #1 - 2010

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