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it totally depends on what sport your playing. if its football, then the bigger (muscle or fat) you are, the more you play, in most cases. however, in soccer, if you are plump and round, then you will probably not get as much playing time as those who are well built or mildly thin.

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Q: How does image affect participation in sport?
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Team work.

Do your friends affect your participation in sport?

No, because they are you're friends and you should play with your friends.

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yes it does because if you don't want to do something you won't try.

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What is the largest participation sport in Australia?

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How can facilities influence participation in sport?

Facilities can influence participation by accommidating for the publics needs, expense and sporting desires.

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In a basic sense, the less you practice, the worse you will perform. This is especially prevalent in running sports, like Track & Field or Cross Country.

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