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Yes, it is known as the fool's mate. If you want to peform it you must be extremely lucky! (Note that only white can be checkmated.) You would have to be black to win!

1. If white moves the pawn on f2 up 1 or 2 spaces, it's going well.

2. Then you move the pawn on e7 up 1 or 2 spaces.

3. Hopefully white moves the pawn on g2 up 2 spaces, then it'll be mate next move!

4. The only piece that can attack the king now is your queen, so move it to h4 and it's checkmate!

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1. g4 e5

2. f4 Qh4#

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Q: Can you 2 move checkmate in chess?
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What is a false checkmate in chess?

a false checkmate is when someone calls "checkmate" in a chess game and if you can move without getting out then it is a false checkmate. If they call it you get to go 2 times. :) enjoy your chess game!

What is a 2 syllable word that is a chess move?


What is a checkmate move?

In chess, a checkmate move is a move that one makes that puts the opponent in a position where the king piece has nowhere to move.

If you are in checkmate in chess on Harry Potter then which piece can you move?

You can move your mum

With which game would you associate with the terms checkmate?

The game of chess uses those terms. Chess does checkmate means your in check and you cant get out and stalemate means you have no where you can move

What is a rarely executed move in chess?

Checkmate with the knight and bishop.

Checkmate and stalemate associate in which game?

Chess, checkmate is when you have someone in check and they cant get out of it, and stalemate is when a player cant move his peices

What is it called when you win a chess game in 4 moves?

"Two-Move Checkmate" (also known as "Fool's Mate") is the quickest possible checkmate in chess ; example consists of the moves :1. f3 e52. g4?? Qh4#

What is a chess movie that has 2 syllables?

There are many movies about chess. A movie that has a two syllable title is "Checkmate."

What is 1e4 e5 2 Qh5 Nc6 3 Bc4 NF6 4 Qxf7?

"1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 Nc6 3. Bc4 NF6 4. Qxf7#" is chess algebraic notation describing a sequence of chess moves. The resulting position is a checkmate on the fourth move from White known as "The Scholar's Mate" and "The Four-Move Checkmate".

How do you checkmate in chess?

Checkmate is where your opponent can neither counter or evade capture - checkmate .

Where checkmate began?