What is a checkmate move?

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In Chess, a checkmate move is a move that one makes that puts the opponent in a position where the king piece has nowhere to move.

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Q: What is a checkmate move?
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What are the rules of checkmate?

checkmate is when your king cannot move any or he will get killed

What is the final move in chess called?

Check Mate. But this name only applies if the move results in a checkmate. Sometimes the final move in a game of chess does not result in a checkmate,; therefore it cannot be called a checkmate.

In chess do you have to say checkmate right away?

No, you do not need to say "checkmate" on the first move. But if you actually checkmate him, say "checkmate" or just "mate" to remind the opponet you won.

What is the end move in chess called?

The last move in chess is a checkmate. A checkmate is when you have trapped the king to where it cannot escape in anyway. Then, you win the game.

If you are in checkmate in chess on Harry Potter then which piece can you move?

You can move your mum

When you are in check can you checkmate?

Yes. The move would have to protect your king and put the other player into checkmate though.

What is a false checkmate in chess?

a false checkmate is when someone calls "checkmate" in a chess game and if you can move without getting out then it is a false checkmate. If they call it you get to go 2 times. :) enjoy your chess game!

What is a 2 syllable word that is a chess move?


Checkmate and stalemate associate in which game?

Chess, checkmate is when you have someone in check and they cant get out of it, and stalemate is when a player cant move his peices

Name the move to checkmate Black king?

A move, or series of moves is called a 'gambit'

Can a king move in checkmate during the other persons turn?


What is a rarely executed move in chess?

Checkmate with the knight and bishop.

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