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Checkmate with the knight and bishop.

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Q: What is a rarely executed move in chess?
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What is a bad move in chess called?

A bad move in chess is called a "blunder".

Can you skip in chess?

You can not skip your move in chess. You always have to move when it is your turn. If you have no legal moves in chess and it is your turn, the game is a stalemate.

Is there a rainbow move in chess?


What is the move called when you switch the queen and bishop in chess?

This is not a legal chess move in keeping with the rules of chess . You may be thinking of Castling ~ see related link below .

When was The Bishop's Move created?

The Bishop's Move, a chess move where a bishop is moved to a different square, has been a part of chess since the game's early development. It is one of the original moves in chess and has been played for centuries.

Who is the fastest chess player of all time?

Paul Morphy rarely spent more than 2 min per move. This he did as to not show up his opponent not because he needed the time to think.

What is a chess turn called?

A turn in chess is known as a "Move" ~ see related link below for a list of chess terms .

Do you get another move after castling in chess?

No. Castling counts as a move.

What is a black knight in chess?

A chess piece which can move in an "L" formation that is on the black team.

What is the function of the bishop in chess?

A bishop in Chess can move diagonally in any direction as the path is not obstructed by another piece.

If you are in checkmate in chess on Harry Potter then which piece can you move?

You can move your mum

Can people copy you in chess?

Yes , there are no rules in the game of chess prohibiting the duplication of a move by an opponent .