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in my opinion its etter Tobe at the stadium, bu its still good watching it in the comfrt of your own home with a cup of tea or popcorn.

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Q: Which is better watch football on tv or go to the stadium to watch football?
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If a football player gets hit with a peanut butter and jam sandwich will he be kicked off the flock?

It is unsure, but do not try otherwise you might get banned from the football stadium. ( if you go and watch football in a stadium.)

Where in the UK can one watch live football?

One can watch live football in many different ways. Actually going to the game at a stadium or going to a pub are only two of various options. It is possible to watch live football in the comfort of one's home, or even on the go, on smartphones and tablets.

Where can i watch Swedish football?

Go to swedish and watch football!

How could football do something better for teens?

Go and watch the movie "The Blind Side" with Sandra.

Where did they go when they went to the football game?

Probably to a stadium.

Why did the Romans go to the Colosseum?

To see the gladiators in action. It's a bit like going to a stadium to watch a football match, though it was a lot more violent back then.

Can you watch live football on a psp go?


Where is it possible to watch football videos online?

There are many places you can go to watch football videos online. You can go the official websites of the NFL, or of a particular team. You can also go to the website for ESPN.

Is it true that more people go fishing than watch football?

No, more people watch Football every year than go fishing. Fishing is a hobby while watching football is considered a necessity for some men out there.

What is a place where people go to watch sports or see conccerts?

A sporting stadium or concert hall

What is cheering for football?

when you watch football and start screaming yeah go team ( eg chelsea,QPR....)

When can you play soccer and or football on cp?

any time!! u just hav to go to d stadium