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It is different for each person. everybody has their own throwing style

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Q: How do you deliver the first throw of the dart?
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What is a pointed object you throw at a board?

A dart

How fast can a professinal dart player throw a dart?

Pretty fast The average speed when the dart hits the board is around 40mph. Most successful dart players do not throw the dart hard. Best technique is to incorporate some arc which is decreased when dart is thrown hard plus you lose control if thrown fast.

How do you use penetrating in a sentence?

The dart was penetrating through the dart board after a very forceful throw.

What distance are you supposed to throw a dart from?

7' 9¼"

What is the correct distance from dart board to throw?

Normally about 10ft.

How do you do bullseye in insectonater zombie mode?

Play Selectioner until you get the dart board background , and then use your darts and throw a dart at the red circle in the very center of the dart board.

What length does a junior throw a dart from?

2 metres 37 cm

When was DART First State created?

DART First State was created in 1994.

How do you get an extra turn on dart throw on Webkinz?

you should try a differt colouring book

How do you beat the first guy at darts on Cryptids Island?

You just have to be able to throw a fairly good score each game and eventually he will have a bad game and you win.Throwing dartsTo throw the dart, click once to pick it up. Line up the point with where you want it to hit (usually the center). Now click a second time but don't let go. An aiming point X is now on the board. Slowly pull back on your mouse, and watch the dart move down below the aiming point. This is "your arm pulling back" with the dart. Pull back until the point of the dart is about 1/2 the total width of the board below your aiming point X. When you release the mouse button, the dart will throw. The lower you went down, the higher the dart will go. So about 1/2 the board width means that your dart ought to hit very close to the X you set. Experiment to find the distance that works the best.

When will the 2013 dodge dart be available?

I work at a Dodge dealer and we got our first Dart in on 6-29-2012.I work at a Dodge dealer and we got our first Dart in on 6-29-2012.

What is robinhooding in darts?

It's when one dart sticks into the back end of another, for example, you throw a dart into the 20, and another dart flies exactly the same way and sticks into the end of the flight, or sometimes the stem. Thanks, Dylan H M