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For a score to count, the tip of the dart must be touching the dart board.

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Q: If a dart hits another dart and not the board what is the score?
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How fast can a professinal dart player throw a dart?

Pretty fast The average speed when the dart hits the board is around 40mph. Most successful dart players do not throw the dart hard. Best technique is to incorporate some arc which is decreased when dart is thrown hard plus you lose control if thrown fast.

How does a horse hair dart board work?

The hairs are oriented forward (towards the player) in this way, a steel tip dart will slide in between the hairs as it hits the board. The deeper the dart penetrates the more resistance the dart will encounter, slowing it to a halt. the outside of the board is banded in steel or leather to keep the hairs tightly bunched. These boards tend to last longer than cork or paper, and they are more gentle on darts.

A dart is fired horizontally from a dart gun and another dart is dropped simultaneously from the same height If air resistance can be neglected which dart hits the ground first?

Both darts will hit the ground at the same time, assuming air resistance is neglected. This is because the vertical component of motion (due to gravity) is the same for both darts, regardless of their horizontal velocities.

Which scores between 1 and 60 cannot be scored with one dart?

The maximum from one dart is 60, (a treble 20)

Can you score from a penelty if it hits the pol?

Yes you can as long as it has not gone out, you can score from a rebound.

What time Is next open on Thursday?

Brian throws a dart at a calendar of February 40 times and hits Thursday 12 times. what is the experimental probability of the dart Not landing on Thursday?

How do you get a bulls-eye on cryptids island?

There are two steps to throwing darts at the pub.First you click on the dart, and move it in front of the dartboard. Then, once you have the point of the dart near the center, click again to set your aiming point (X). Do NOT let go once you click.As you pull back your mouse, the dart will move backward (actually downward). When you have moved back a bit, let go of the mouse button. The dart will fly to the board. If you didn't pull back far enough, the dart will hit low. If you pulled back too far, the dart will hit too high. The trick is to pull back just far enough so that the dart hits the X, your aiming point. With practice, you can find exactly how far back (down) you should go.(It is slightly more than halfway to the edge of the dartboard.)

If the batsmen hits the ball and it gets hits to the helmet then the 5 runs would be counted in the individual batsmen's score or in for the Team?

This score will be added tothe team only.

How do you beat level 18 in bloons?

break the first brown square with your first dart. shoot the next dart throught the hole you made, as long as it hits the balloons with the pin, it will pop all the others...chain reaction!

If there are 3 players on base and the batter hits a home run how many runs score?

It would score 4 (four) runs.

What is the record score in starfox Nintendo 64 game?

The all time high score that I've ever seen was 3,718 hits

What happens if a tennis ball hits the score card and goes in during a point?

You Would probably re-play the point and fix the score.