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Dart points are made of steel, they help the dart stick in the board.

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Q: What are dart points?
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How do you remove a set of dart points?

If your points aren't too short, the easiest way to remove your dart points is to put the dart with the dart point in a pop-rivet gun, squeeze the trigger and your point will stay in the rivet gun and your barrell will fall out minus the point, easy!

Does a 1967 dodge dart 270 have points?

yes, all 67's had points from the factory.

What number is located in the center of a dart board?

The number located in the center of the dart board, or more commonly known as the "bulls eye" is worth a total of 50 points. As for the outer part of the bulls eye, it is worth 25 points if a dart were to land there.

What is the value of a bullseye in a dart game?

The inner bullseye is worth 50 points, the outer 25 points.

Does a 1975 dodge dart 318 have points ignition?

It should have electronic ignition.

What does single 9 mean in darts?

It means that the dart scores 9 points!

How many points for red center of a dart board?

100 for center and 50 for outer

72 Dodge dart won't start?

225 Slant 6? distributor points

What do the colours on a Archery target mean?

Those are different points. Just like dart-throwing.

Why do the numbers on a dartboard only go up to 20?

To make it harder for dart players to score big points...with triple 20 u can still score 60 per dart.

What is the significance of the colors on archery target?

The colors represent points, just like a target for dart-throwing

What are the points used in a dart game?

The context of the question matter here. If you are asking about the sharp points on the darts they are made of steel. If you are talking about the scoring points used in a dart game it depends on which game being played. The '01 games can make use of the all "points" or numbers on the board. If you are asking about Cricket then the numbers that come into play for pointing are 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25 and 50.