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He certainly could. As far as the weight class goes...

Anyone weighing 206-265 can fight at the weight.

Anderson at his highest weight...pre-cut (water weight) or what they call your "walking" weight.

Is roughly 210-215 pounds. Perhaps at the highest 220..but no more.

This DOES qualify him to fight in the division.

BUT to put this into perspective.

Thiago Alves just fought Georges St. Pierre at the welterweight limit of 170 pounds.

Meaning that Alves...weighed in officially for that fight roughly 24 hours before the event and came in at 170. Know what he walked into the octagon at a day later?

In the high 190's. read that right...Alves weighed about 196 pound on fight night.

This means that although Silva COULD fight at heavy. He would be fighting guy SUBSTANTIALLY larger than him.

So...why do that? I'd rather see him fight at lightheavy if he wanted to jump up in weight.

With the one exception of Fedor.

Fedor is a small heavyweight. And I think Anderson Silva would likely beat Fedor, because it would really come down to skill not really size in that fight.

Hope that answers your question.


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Q: Can Anderson Silva fight in the heavyweight division?
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How much does Anderson Silva make in his last fight?

about 600,000

When is the next brock lesner fight?

Proabably not because mark Coleman is in light-heavyweight division and and brock is a heavyweight and mark Coleman isn't that good to get the belt in heavyweight division if they fought it would be KO first round brock lesnar

Who did Anderson silva win the UFC belt from?

Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva in July 2013. This was Silva's first loss in UFC. He was the UFC Middle weight champion since Oct 2006 and had defeated all of his opponents so far. He is expected to fight Chris Weidman for his title rematch soon

Did gsp beat Anderson silva?

No. There has never been a match between GSP and Anderson Silva. So, the outcome of the match is out of question. Also, such a match may not happen at all because they both fight in two different weight categories. GSP is the Welterweight champion in UFC whereas Silva is the Middleweight champ. If a fight has to happen between GSP and Silva, both of these champions have to agree on a weight to fight at which hasn't happened so far. If such a fight happens in future, it would be extremely hard to predict who would win because they are both the top fighters in their respective weight categories.

Is Anderson Silva going to fight Nick Diaz at UFC 182?

yeah and he's going to f**k nick diaz up

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What weight class does Anderson Silva fight in?

Anderson Silva fights in the Middleweight Category. The weight range for people fighting in the Middleweight Category is 170 pounds to 185 pounds. Silva was the UFC Middleweight Champion and defended it a record 10 times. He recently lost the title to Chris Weidman. He has also fought a few fights in the Light heavyweight division but is predominantly a middleweight competitor.

Has Quintin fought Anderson Silva?

No. Quinton Jackson has never fought Anderson Silva. They are both in two different weight classes and hence their paths never crossed. Jackson was a light heavyweight whereas Silva is a Middleweight. Jackson is currently retired from the UFC, so this fight may never happen in future as well.

Which division did Muhammad ali fight in?

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Who won the fight Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort in ufc 126?

Anderson silva did. TKO in the 2nd round.

What weight division did Ernie Chavis fight in?


How much does Anderson Silva make in his last fight?

about 600,000

What weight division does Antonio Tarver fight in?

Antonio Tarver is now boxing in the heavyweight division. He had his first fight in over a year last month and weighed 221 pounds. He plans on having more fights in the heavyweight division. Tarver fought as a light heavyweight from 1997 thru 2009.

Who would win in a fight manny pacquiao or anderson silva?

quite clearly anderson silva, he is much bigger and would just take pacquaio and dominate him on the floor.

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Who would win in a fight gsp or Anderson silva?

Gilen k. Garcia will WIN!

When will Anderson silva and gsp fight?

As of now, Never. A super-fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre has been making rounds for the past couple of years. Silva is the current Middleweight Champ and GSP is the Welterweight Champ. So, in order for a fight to happen, both of them have to agree upon a weight to fight in and hence the fight could take a long time before it actually happens.

If both fighters could fight at the same weight Who would win a match between Anderson Silva versus Georges St Pierre?

Silva hands down, silva is far the superior fights pound for pound. Depends on what fight, if it's standing then it would go to Anderson Silva, because of his amazinfg knees and mauy thai clinch, but on the ground it would go to GSP, because of his outstanding wrestling. *** GSP would beat Silva if Silva dropped down to 170lbs to fight GSP. Silva would win if GSP went up to 185lbs to fight Silva.