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quite clearly anderson silva, he is much bigger and would just take pacquaio and dominate him on the floor.

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Q: Who would win in a fight manny pacquiao or anderson silva?
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Why do some right handed fighter fight left handed.people like manny pacquiao and Anderson silva are right handed but fight left handed?

Anderson doesnt fight right or left handed he fights southpaw (most of the time), which is right hand in front. Bruce lee was also right handed but would fight southpaw. I think they do this to confuse people, it also strengthens their weaker side.... so when anderson switches to orthodox people prob think that is his weaker side when really its his stronger side. But who really knows other than Mr. Silva...

Who won the fight Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort in ufc 126?

Anderson silva did. TKO in the 2nd round.

How much does Anderson Silva make in his last fight?

about 600,000

How do you watch online ufc fight sliva vs diaz?

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Who would win in a fight gsp or Anderson silva?

Gilen k. Garcia will WIN!

When will Anderson silva and gsp fight?

As of now, Never. A super-fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre has been making rounds for the past couple of years. Silva is the current Middleweight Champ and GSP is the Welterweight Champ. So, in order for a fight to happen, both of them have to agree upon a weight to fight in and hence the fight could take a long time before it actually happens.

If both fighters could fight at the same weight Who would win a match between Anderson Silva versus Georges St Pierre?

Silva hands down, silva is far the superior fights pound for pound. Depends on what fight, if it's standing then it would go to Anderson Silva, because of his amazinfg knees and mauy thai clinch, but on the ground it would go to GSP, because of his outstanding wrestling. *** GSP would beat Silva if Silva dropped down to 170lbs to fight GSP. Silva would win if GSP went up to 185lbs to fight Silva.

When is Anderson Silva's next fight in 2011?

It's on Saturday August 27th 2011. The event is UFC 134 Silva vs Okami

How do you you watch online ufc boxing and where watch live hd?

Live Silva vs Diaz Online silva vs Diaz live streaming online fight ufc Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz,watch ,Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz live ufc,Anderson 31 jan live match

Who is Anderson Silva going to fight next?

Anderson Silva is next scheduled to fight at the UFC 168 event in Dec 2013. It will be a rematch for the UFC Middle weight title that he lost to Chris Weidman in July 2013. The match is highly anticipated and will be a blockbuster.

Forrest griffin ultimate fighter last fight?

His last fight was against Anderson Silva. He was knocked out by a fade away jab

Where is Anderson silva born?

Anderson Silva was born in curitiba, Brazil.