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As of now, Never.

A super-fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre has been making rounds for the past couple of years. Silva is the current Middleweight Champ and GSP is the Welterweight Champ. So, in order for a fight to happen, both of them have to agree upon a weight to fight in and hence the fight could take a long time before it actually happens.

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Q: When will Anderson silva and gsp fight?
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Who would win in a fight gsp or Anderson silva?

Gilen k. Garcia will WIN!

If both fighters could fight at the same weight Who would win a match between Anderson Silva versus Georges St Pierre?

Silva hands down, silva is far the superior fights pound for pound. Depends on what fight, if it's standing then it would go to Anderson Silva, because of his amazinfg knees and mauy thai clinch, but on the ground it would go to GSP, because of his outstanding wrestling. *** GSP would beat Silva if Silva dropped down to 170lbs to fight GSP. Silva would win if GSP went up to 185lbs to fight Silva.

Did gsp beat Anderson silva?

No. There has never been a match between GSP and Anderson Silva. So, the outcome of the match is out of question. Also, such a match may not happen at all because they both fight in two different weight categories. GSP is the Welterweight champion in UFC whereas Silva is the Middleweight champ. If a fight has to happen between GSP and Silva, both of these champions have to agree on a weight to fight at which hasn't happened so far. If such a fight happens in future, it would be extremely hard to predict who would win because they are both the top fighters in their respective weight categories.

Is Anderson silva fighting gsp?

no one knows yet

Who would win if Anderson silva fought gsp?

Anderson is way bigger and stronger and can practically rag doll gsp even though gsp is an excellent fighter, the only chance he would have is to catch Anderson in a submission because Anderson has been caught in some before

Is Anderson silva ever going to fight gsp?

This fight is not likely to happen since they are now two weight categories apart. GSP is the champion at 170 and has never expressed interest to moving up in weight. Silva was the champion at 185 and has now moved up to fight in the 205 lb category. Thus, as it stands now, GSP would have to move up by two weight categories or alternatively fight at some catch weight - a very unlikely event.

Is gsp going to fight Anderson silva at the end of 2009?

It is most likely that if GSP does want that fight which he has not clearly stated, they will fight from early-mid 2010, that being due to the fact that it has been stated GSP will be better and ready to fight from his groin injury in early 2010 and he might have to make a defence of his title against Paul Daley or Mike Swick before challenging Anderson who already has 3 challengers for his title waiting in which are Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, and Nate Marquardt. That said I truly hope that this fight between them materializes as I would love to see if GSP's wrestling would be enough to beat Anderson as even though GSP is an outstanding striker I don't believe he could last standing with Anderson, so he would have to either ground out a decision or catch one of those rare submissions that Anderson has gotten caught in.

Who won the fight Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort in ufc 126?

Anderson silva did. TKO in the 2nd round.

How much does Anderson Silva make in his last fight?

about 600,000

Who would win in a fight manny pacquiao or anderson silva?

quite clearly anderson silva, he is much bigger and would just take pacquaio and dominate him on the floor.

What are a few UFC dream fights?

There are allot of talk of gsp vs silva or gsp vs diaz me personaly what were to happen if gsp faced Royce gracie!

How do you watch online ufc fight sliva vs diaz?

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