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Either the second basemen or the short stop in responsible for covering second when a runner is trying to steal.

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Q: Who covers second in a steal from 1st base?
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[original answer - incorrect]["The dropped third strike rule, like the infield fly rule, does not apply to situations with two outs but only to situations with zero or one outs."]CORRECT ANSWER:The D3K rule DOES apply under either of 2 conditions:1) There are less than 2 outs and 1st base is unoccupied, -OR-2) ANY TIME there are 2 outs (regardless of 1st base occupation.This means that, in a 2-out scenario, even if there is already a runner on 1st base, a D3K turns the batter into a batter-runner and allows him/her to run to 1st. If 1st base is occupied, that runner is put into a force situation and must try to advance to 2nd, creating a force out at 1st OR 2nd. If there are already runners on 1st and 2nd, they are both put into a force situation and if the bases are loaded at the time of the D3K, ALL baserunners are put into a force situation and an out can be had by simply stepping on ANY base before the runner reaches it.Confusing at first, but the more you think it through, the clearer it becomes. :)

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Can a runner on second base steal 3rd base on ball four?

Yes, unless there are runners on both 1st and 2nd bases. In that case, the runner from second is awarded third - it is not stolen.

May you advance to second base after a walk in fastpitch softball?

yes, if you are the batter you can get walked and then steal second you've touched 1st but if you round the base and then go back to first you are out. Technically you have committed to second so i would suggest getting into a run down.

How do you steal in Major League Baseball dugout heroes?

So if you have a runner on 1st and you want him to steal, type in the letter of the base he is on. In this situation you would press D because he is on first base.

Who steal home from 1st base?

Ricky Henderson stole all the bases and home plate ...

Has anyone ever stole 1st base in a baseball game?

Germany Schaefer stole first base. On Aug. 4, 1911, playing for the Washington Senators, Schaefer stole second base conventionally, hoping to draw a throw from the catcher so a teammate could steal home. The catcher didn't throw, so on the next pitch Schaefer ran back to first.

Fastpitch Softball is the following scored as a stolen base- Runners on 1st and 3rd runner on first attempts to steal 2nd catcher throws hard to pitcher to trick runner on 3rd to go is it steal of 2nd?

No stolen base awarded as the stolen base was uncontested.

What are the bases numbered in baseball?

In baseball, when the batter hits the ball, he has to run to first base. First base is when he is safe, where he can not be tagged out by the ball. You can also steal base :) i play 12u softball I am a gall

Who covers first base when ball is bunted in major league?

In most cases the 2nd baseman will be covering 1st base on a bunt play.

In baseball what is defined as a steal?

Taking a base with getting a hit. Example moving from 1st to 2nd without getting a hit

What is a double steal?

say there is a runner on 1st and 2nd. the runner on second would run to 3rd and be safe then the runner on 1st would run twould be safeo second and say there is a runner on 1st and 2nd. the runner on second would run to 3rd and be safe then the runner on 1st would run twould be safeo second and

Which is further first base to 2nd base or 2nd base to 3rd base?

Every base is exactly 90 feet apart from the other, so it is neither further from 1st base to second base nor second base to third base.

What is first second and third base?

1st base-kissing 2nd base-feeling up below belt 3rd base- sex/blowjob