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I'm not sure there definatly was in rome and pompeii

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No, only Wrestling and boxing.

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Q: Did the ancient Greeks have sword fighting in the Olympics?
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Did gladiators take part in the ancient Olympic games?

no, the gladiators were roman the Olympics were Greek

What is a xiphos?

A xiphos is a double-edged single-handed sword, used by the Ancient Greeks as an alternative weapon to the spear or javelin.

What two sports were excluded from the Olympics and why?

Two sports that were excluded from the Olympics are cricket and squash. Cricket was excluded due to issues related to lack of global participation and a lengthy match format, while squash was excluded because it failed to receive enough support from the International Olympic Committee to be included.

Which is better for sword fighting Kendo or Kenjutsu?

Kendo is just sword fighting while Kenjutsu has all aspects of the way of the sword such as sheathing and unsheathing, sword fighting and other aspects as well.

Where did sword fighting come from?

Sword fighting originated around the time of the invention of the sword, most likely after said invention. The term "sword fighting" is extraordinarily broad, and and any users of it should remember that it encompasses all forms of fighting with swords.

Where can one find information on sword fighting?

You can find information on sword fighting by going to your local library and checking out a book about it. There are plenty of books specializing in the art of sword fighting.

Is there a camp where they teach you sword fighting and archery?

I don't think there is a camp that teaches you about sword fighting and archery

What weapons did the ancient Greeks use in battle?

· Bow/arrow · Club/hammer · Shield - One of the important ancient Greek weapons was the shield. This was used by a hoplite to smash a spear of an opponent. · Ballista - A ballista was an important ancient Greek weapon. A Ballista was a weapon of siege from which multiple arrows could be shot at long ranges. · Dagger/Sword - Along with a spear, a hoplite was expected to carry a sharp dagger or a short sword. This was probably used when a spear was completely broken. · Catapult - A catapult was used to throw large objects and stones at the opposing army. A catapult is one of the ancient Greek weapons used for besieging an enemy.

What is ancient civilization started the right to vote?

free men The ancient Greeks established the first known democracy, which allowed citizens to vote on all laws. Many governments today, including the United States, include the right to vote for all citizens, which can be traced to the ancient Greeks.

Who invented the sword?

the ancient Islamics invented the sword

What was the sword in ancient Egypt used for?

The sword in ancient Egypt was used to kill people in battles.

What is the difference between greek and roman heroes?

Romans believe in the same gods as the Greeks but they know them by different names, and Romans are more brutal