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Sword fighting originated around the time of the invention of the sword, most likely after said invention. The term "sword fighting" is extraordinarily broad, and and any users of it should remember that it encompasses all forms of fighting with swords.

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Q: Where did sword fighting come from?
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Which is better for sword fighting Kendo or Kenjutsu?

Kendo is just sword fighting while Kenjutsu has all aspects of the way of the sword such as sheathing and unsheathing, sword fighting and other aspects as well.

Where can one find information on sword fighting?

You can find information on sword fighting by going to your local library and checking out a book about it. There are plenty of books specializing in the art of sword fighting.

Is there a camp where they teach you sword fighting and archery?

I don't think there is a camp that teaches you about sword fighting and archery

What that is Fencing?

its like sword fighting with lots of pads and a sword with metal ball on the end

How did they fight in romeo and Juliet?

sword fighting

What is an instrument used for fighting?

knife or sword

Do any modern plays have sword fighting in them?


Was sword fighting in the Tudor times?


Why was the sword invented?

The sword was invented because people believed that they were in need of more presise fighting weapons. Swords are also still used today for fighting.

What is the difference between sword fighting techniques and knife fighting techniques?

about two feet

How many forms does inuyasha's sword have?

His sword has 2 main forms, Active, and inactive. The sword becomes active when he is lost in the heat of the moment, and is fighting out of love for the girl. The sword goes back to inactive, smaller, and cracked when he is done fighting or lost the feeling.

What is a five letter word fighting weapon?