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Pilates is a system of exercise that can be beneficial to the health of all individuals. No matter what kind of body shape you are, how old you are, or how serious about improving your fitness you are, Pilates can help you achieve your workout goals. Pilates can work for such a large variety of individuals due to the fact that the exercises they offer can be changed to fit the level and needs of the exerciser.


The method of exercise known as Pilates was founded in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates. It started out as a rehabilitation method for prisoners of war and eventually it was recognized to help increase fitness levels. Over the years, a small group of students kept the method of exercise alive and allowed it to eventually evolve into what it is today; one of the most popular methods of exercise in the United States.


The main foundation of pilates is core strength. The exercise programs centers around having a strong core in order to have extremely strong internal muscles of the back and abdomen. When these muscles groups are as strong as they will become after being trained with Pilates, they end up working together with other muscles of the trunk to help support the spine and move the body. This fact is yet another reason why Pilates can be helpful to all types of people. For example, Pilates can assist those with backpain by strengthening the core muscles and effectively stabilizing the trunk, taking pressure off the back and resulting in a decrease in pain.

Six Principles

Pilates is based on six principles which include: concentration, breath, precision, control, flow, and centering. These are considered to be the six most important ingredients to great Pilates. Unlike so many other types of exercise, Pilates does not require repetitions. Instead, the focus is on doing each and every exercise to the best of your ability to get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.


The benefits of Pilates are widespread. It can help increase the entire fitness level of your body while creating strong, but not bulky muscles. Additionally, Pilates can improve bad posture, increase flexibility, boost energy levels, and even promote weight loss in many individuals.

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Q: How Pilates Can Change Your Life?
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Going from Pilates to Reformers Pilates is a personal choice. There really is no right or wrong time to change to Reformers Pilates. It is a different kind of exercise program that can go hand in hand with Pilates.

What are some of the most popular pilates DVDs?

Winsor pilates has a large amount of DVDs that entail different types of pilates and those are probably the most poplular type. There are also ones by pilates for life that are popular.

Does Pilates work to lose weight?

Traditionally with Pilates clients will lose inches first and the scale will change around the 30th session!

Is Pilates good for weight loss?

It can be if done consistantly, traditionally with Pilates clients tend to lose inches first and the scale is last to change.

What are some highly recommended Pilates DVDs?

Some highly recommended Pilates DVDs include the Winsor Pilates, Pilates Core, and Pilates Workout for Dummies. These are three highly recommended Pilates DVDs.

What are the different types of pilates?

to know more about Pilates join The Rework Program , where you learn all under the guidance of trainers.

Who created pilates?

Joseph Pilates

Who is the founder of Pilates?

Joseph Pilates

What kind of Pilates exercise equipment is most beneficial?

They are many different types of Pilates exercise equipment's that can be helpful to many people.....some that are useful are Pilates ladder barrel, Pilates mats, Pilates caddilac's, pilates spine correctors, Pilates towers and toning balls.

How do you get Pilates certified?

There are various Pilates certification schools in the U.S. and abroad. The top Pilates school is The Pilates Center, located in Boulder, Colorado.

Where can you take pilates classes in Memphis TN?

Push Pilates and The Pilates Place are just two of the many places in Memphis, Tennessee that offer pilates classes. Stott Pilates also offers classes.

What is the difference between winsor pilates and regualr pilates?

The classical Pilates Method follows the Pilates exercise levels developed by Joseph Pilates himself. Winsor Pilates, owned and taught by Mari Winsor, studied under Romana-tweaks the exercise sequences.

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