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If he got to first before the out occured it is a single.

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Q: With bases loaded and 2 outs batter hits a single the runner on 3rd fails to touch home on the way in from 3rd on appeal runner is called out is the hitter still credited with a single?
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What is it called when a batter can hit from either side of the plate?

The batter is called a switch hitter.

Does the hitter get credited for a single if he makes a ground ball hit to the outfield and the runner at first gets forced out at second base?

No. In no situation can a batter be credited with a base hit if a runner is forced out.

An injured hitter is replaced during an at bat and the sub gets a hit whose hit is it?

The base hit is credited to the replacement batter.

What is it called when a batter is right or left handed?

A batter that can hit right handed and left handed is called a switch hitter.

When a hitter gets a single yet advances all the way home on overthrows and there is a runner on base that also scores does the hitter receive any RBI's?

The batter could be credited with an RBI if, in the scorers judgment the base runner would have scored had there not been any overthrows (errors). For example, the batten singles and the runner is on third and scores, then the overthrows occur. The batter is credited with one RBI. In your original question, the batter would, in no case, be credited with an RBI on his own score.

What is the 4 batter in a baseball line up called?

Clean up hitter

What is th 4th batter in a baseball line up called?

Clean-up hitter.

A hitter hits a ball to the fence and tries to make a tripple and is taged out at third base on a close play how is this scored on his batting average?

The batter is credited with a double (and a base hit) and the batter's batting average will go up.

In the game of baseball if you hit a home run is it possible to not score?

Yes. Even when hitting a home run, the hitter must touch all three bases and home plate for the home run to count. Should the batter miss one of the bases when rounding them and the other team notices, the other team can appeal and have the hitter called out at the base the hitter failed to touch.

When a pitcher throws a complete game without a single opposing batter recording a hit it is called a what?

no hitter

In fastpitch softball if a courtesy runner ends up scoring who is credited with the run the original batter or the courtesy runner?

The hitter gets an RBI ( run batted in) but the runner gets the credit

Is it considered an at bat if asked to sacrifice with runners on first and second with none out and the batter ends up safe at first because of a fielding error?

If the official scorer deems that the sacrifice was successful, he will credit the batter with a sacrifice. So the hitter will not be credited with an at-bat.

When a fast-pitch softball batter has an 0-2 count and another batter is substituted in and strikes out who is charged with the at bat and the strike out?

In this instance the original batter would be charged with the Strikeout --- this is the only instance in which the original batter is charged with the AB and the result of the at bat --- if there is any other count or any other outcome then the pinch hitter is credited with everything

There is a runner on 1st base with 1 out Next batter hits a ground ball to the outfield and reaches first base and runner is out at second base Does the hitter ger credited for a single?

That would depend on how the runner was retired at second base. For example, if the runner slipped and fell on his way to second base and the outfielder had the time to throw him out on a force play, the batter would not get credited with a base hit. If the runner made it to second base safely and then slipped rounding the bag and the outfielder threw to second base and the runner was tagged out, the batter would be credited with a base hit. If a runner is forced out at any base, regardless of where the ball was hit, the batter is not credited with a base hit.

If a baseball team loses 1-0 but the losing pitcher has no earned runs is he still credited with an L?

Yes! A loss is still a loss regardless how it happens. That pitcher could ALSO be credited with a no hitter if the run that scored was a result of errors and walks, and no batter successfully hit onto base.

Has any pitcher pitched a no hitter in which the only hit was by the first batter?

No, this isn't possible. If the first batter gets a hit, the game can't be a no-hitter.

Words that have double t in them?

batter, hitter, matter.

Was Joe DiMaggio a switch hitter?

No, he was a righthanded batter.

With bases loaded no outs hitter hits a shallow base hit to center field ball gets by fielder how many Run batted in is he credited with?

It would be up to the judgment of the official scorer. The batter would certainly get at least one RBI, but if the official scorer decides that the runner on second was already going to try to score before noticing the error, the batter may be credited with a second RBI.

What is a clean up batter?

Typically the 4th batter in the lineup is referred to as the "cleanup hitter," the "cleanup batter," or just "cleanup."

What is the Fourth batter in a line up?

clean up hitter

What is a banjo hitter?

A banjo hitter is a batter in baseball who lacks power, and who usually has a low slugging percentage.

Can you substitute a hitter while he is up to bat?

Yes, but the pinch hitter would inherit the count of the original batter.

Does a hitter gain an RBI for himself when he hits a home run?

Yes. He gets credited for batting himself in.

When you want to change the hitter what is the hitter called in baseball?

Pinch Hitter