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Top ten by number of wins:

1. Glenn Robinson, Franklin & Marshall

2. Jim Smith, St. John's (MN)

3. Glenn Van Wieren, Hope

4. Dick Reynolds, Otterbein

5. Dick Whitmore, Colby

6. Steve Moore, Wooster

7. David Hixon, Amherst

8. Mike Neer, Rochester (NY)

9. Randy Lambert, Maryville (TN)

10. Steve Fritz, St. Thomas (MN)

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By total number of wins:

Division II - Herb Magee, Philadelphia University

Divison III - Glenn Robinson, Franklin and Marshall College

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Q: Winningest basketball coaches Division II and III?
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What Division 1 NCAA men's basketball coach has the most victories?

The enitre list of winningest coaches in all divisions can be found here But the winningest Division III coach overall is Glenn Robinson of Franklin and Marshall who just reached career victory number 799 on 2-6-2011.

When was NCAA Women's Division III Basketball Championship created?

NCAA Women's Division III Basketball Championship was created in 1982.

What is the difference between aau division you and division II and division III basketball?

In aau basketball divisional 1 is very competitive. And in division 2 its not as hard and difficult but still competitive.

How many basketball scholarships can Division III university give out?


How many division III college girls basketball teams?

there are 64

Can a school be division 1 for one sport and division 3 for another?

The University of Dayton (Ohio) Flyers are Division I in basketball, and Division III in football.

How does NCAA basketball schedule along the season?

The NCAA schedules it's basketball games according to the three divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III. The teams are matched up so that the best teams are pitted against each other for outstanding games.

How many Division 3 baseball teams are there?

NCAA Division III is made up of 444 member institutions. It is the largest NCAA division. It has more participants (about 170,000 student-athletes) and number of schools than any other NCAA division. There are 413 NCAA Division III Men's Basketball teams and 434 Women's teams.

Has there ever been an ncaa college basketball coach to win a championship in division I II and III?

No i dont thank there has ever been

Coach with Most ncaa division 1 national championships in basketball?

Larry Kehres, of Mount Union College, Division III, with 9 national championships.

How can you play basketball in college if you quit basketball in your senior year?

I know that my school (Florida International University) has walk-on's on the team. I think the best thing to do is contact a school you are interested in playing for and ask the coach or assistant. Usually you can find the coaches or assitant coaches email on the team roster and coaches are usually more than welcome to answering questions. Good luck! It will be very difficult at a Division 1 school, most players on Division 1 are recruited and on scholarship. You'll have a much better chance at a Division III school or at a Junior College. You can also try to join an AAU team, or club team, but those are usually for kids still in school. If you really want to play in college, your best bet is to go to a Junior College for two years and transfer to a 4 year as a Junior.

Is the collegiate coach with the most division i NCAA wins in men's basketball?

Coach with Most Div III Basketball WinsGlenn Robinson, at 799 wins as of 2-6-2011 has the highest number of wins in Division III basketball history. The NCAA Division III basketball coaching records through 2009 verify that Robinson is the coach with the highest number of wins Ryan Summers is mentioned nowhere in the NCAA Coaching records, for any division.