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The NCAA schedules it's Basketball games according to the three divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III. The teams are matched up so that the best teams are pitted against each other for outstanding games.

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Q: How does NCAA basketball schedule along the season?
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How many games played in college basketball season?

Depends usually between 28-33, depending on conference and schedule....and if the team entered an early season tournament or NCAA 64!

Where can one find the NCAA college basketball schedule?

There are quite a few websites that will help people get NCAA college basketball schedule. To name a few, one could visit CBS Sports and MSN Fox Sports.

Can a mountain west team get in the ncaa basketball tournament?

Absolutely. The winner of the Mountain West Tournament gets an automatic bid into the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Other teams can also gain entry, if selected by the NCAA Selection Committee. The committee bases their choices on regular season record and strength of schedule, amongst other factors.

When does the ncaa basketball season start?


When does NCAA basketball season end?

The NCAA Basketball season ends when the end of the year March Madness tournament is over. This tournament usually ends around the first week in April.

When does the 2009 ncaa basketball season start?


How many games are in a ncaa basketball season?

about 30

What does SOS mean in college basketball?

In college basketball, SOS means 'Strength of Schedule.' This basically means that, using formulas that the NCAA uses (national ranking, RPI, where they played etc.), how good were the opponents that a team played during the season.

Who holds the single season block record in NCAA basketball?

Wojciech Mydra holds the single season record for blocks in NCAA history

What NCAA basketball teams had an unbeaten season?

wichita state

Which coach has the most wins in college basketball?

As of the end of the 2008 season, Bob Knight has the most wins in men's NCAA basketball and Pat Summitt has the most wins in women's NCAA basketball.

When is the NCAA Mens Division 1 basketball schedule for 2009-2010 season made public?

some universities have already announced their schedules, though some time alterations are to be expected due to TV.

Most assists in a single season in NCAA basketball?

Avery Johnson

Where could one find the NCAA football schedule?

Many sports television channels provide NCAA football schedules on their websites. These include ESPN, FOX, and CBA. The NCAA website also provides the football schedule along with results.

Which NCAA basketball team went undefeated in the regular season only to be defeated in the first round of the NCAA tournament?


What is the most blocks by a mens NCAA basketball team for an entire season?

The University of Kentucky during the 2011-2012 Season has the most blocks, as a team, in one season in Division 1 Basketball in the NCAA. The season is still underway as of this point, however, they have already passed UConn with a total, to this date, of 317 Blocks.

Who has the most technical fouls in NCAA men's basketball this season?

Deandre Kane

What team has played the most overtimes in a season in ncaa basketball history?


What team has the Most wins in NCAA mens basketball season?

duke with 37

When does the 2010 ncaa basketball season start?

usually starts in the middle of November.

Will there be a NCAA 12?

Yes, there is a NCAA Football 12 out for X-Box 360 and PS3, but there is no college basketball video game this season.

Which of the 64 NCAA basketball teams has the longest winning streak this season?

Memphis Tigers

Which ncaa college basketball had the most wins in 2008 season?

The North Carolina Tarheels.

Most regular season ncaa mens basketball wins without title?


How many Ncaa Division 1 men's basketball teams have had undefeated season?