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Not right now. Only DirecTV has it.

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Q: Will cable get NFL Sunday ticket?
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Where are NFL Sunday tickets sold?

The NFL Sunday Ticket is actually a cable service. It is provided by the cable provider Direct TV. The NFL Sunday Ticket is a subscription that gives they paying cable user viewing access to all Sunday games, not including Sunday night.

Does the NFL Sunday ticket show all the preseason games?

It depends on your cable producer. Videotron does have nfl sunday ticket but only shows the regular season games.

How much is NFL Sunday ticket?


How do you watch nfl Sunday ticket on your laptop?

You have to have a special subscription through DirecTV. You need to have NFL Sunday Ticket MAX, which is about $15 more than the regular Sunday Ticket for the 5 month period.

Who is the player in the directv nfl Sunday ticket commercial?

brett favre

What satellite systems offer the NFL package?

Directv is the only provider that offers NFL Sunday Ticket.

In what year did directv first offer the nfl Sunday ticket package?

NFL Sunday Ticket was launched in 1994-nfl-seasonand was available on both DirecTV (which had launched just months earlier) and on c-band-1and satellite-bandssatellites

Why is NFL Sunday ticket down?

cause its mostly free with 2011 subs

What is the toll free telephone number for DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket?

Call 844-235-6893 to reach DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket customer support specialists at their telephone number toll free.

How do you get the Patriots game Sunday on twc?

Check to see if TWC has the NFL sunday ticket. If they do, you can order it and get every football game.

What is your NFL Sunday ticket registration email and password?

This should be unique to the individual and should not be shared with others.

If you have NFL Sunday ticket do you get blacked out games too?

Yes, thanks to Al Davis here (West Coast). I do belive that if you get Sunday Ticket you should see EVERY game... like they say on the ads.

What cannel is NFL?

The NFL is on Fox and CBS if you dont have cable, Fox is on channel 13 and CBS is on channel 7. Also, MOST games are played on Sunday. I hope that this helps!

What is the duration of Fox NFL Sunday?

The duration of Fox NFL Sunday is 3600.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Sunday NFL Countdown?

The duration of Sunday NFL Countdown is 3 hours.

If anyone has NFL Sunday Ticket for Direct TV can you give me your direct tv email and password?

username- password - spendthemoney

What is the current number of season ticket holders in the NFL?

how many NFL season ticket holders

When was Fox NFL Sunday created?

Fox NFL Sunday was created on 1994-09-04.

When did ESPN Sunday Night NFL happen?

ESPN Sunday Night NFL happened in 1994.

When was Sunday NFL Countdown created?

Sunday NFL Countdown was created on 1985-09-07.

Can a sweet Sunday ticket only be used on a Sunday?

The website says Sunday only.

When was ESPN Sunday Night NFL created?

ESPN Sunday Night NFL was created in 1994-11.

How much does directv pay the NFL for the NFL contract?

For the 2010 season, DirecTV is paying the NFL $700 million for the rights to the Sunday Ticket package. A new four year contract kicks in for the 2011 season at $1 billion per season.

Does cox cable have NFL?


What are the release dates for NFL Playoffs - 2007 NFL GameDay Wild-Card Sunday?

NFL Playoffs - 2007 NFL GameDay Wild-Card Sunday was released on: USA: January 2010