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so that the air particles inside will move faster and the ball will be full.

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2012-02-14 03:32:52
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Q: Why would you pump a flat basketball?
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Explain what happens inside the ball when you pump a flat basketball?

The inside of the ball becomes filled with the air you pump in, thus inflating the ball and turning it from a flat ball to a round one.

What happens inside the ball when you pump up a flat basketball?

You're not serious, are you? What the heck do you think, it fills with air, numbnuts.

Explain what happens inside the ball when you pump up a flat basketball?

As air fills the basketball, the pressure expands outward to make the outside of the ball feel harder. The valve on the outside of the ball allows the pump to put air in prevents air from escaping.

How does a basketball become flat?

Type your answer here... A basketball can become flat by using a tool that is part of a pumper.

How do you pump up a basketball?

With a basketball pump. You just put the needle in the hole and push down on the pump. See. easy!!

How would weather make a basketball go flat over night?

no it wouldn't it would if u leave it out for a week

Will a basketball bounce higher on a flat surface or a rocky surface?

the basketball will most likely bounce higher on a flat surface

How do you pump a never flat 29.5 spalding basketball?

put the pointing stick on the end into the black hole and lift up the lever and push down repeatedly

Does a microwave pump up a basketball?

no it does not

How do you fix a flat tyre?

Use a pump to pump it up.

What is the differences between a flat basketball and a regular basketball?

A flat ball doesn't have a lot of air in it, so it doesn't bounce that well, where as a full basketball has less resistance, and therefore bounces higher. Basically, the difference is the amount of air in the basketball.

What do you use to put air in a basketball?

A pump

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