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Well first of all rubber is chosen to be in a softball so that it can be harder to hit and safer if the ball was to hit you up side the head. So that's why rubber is chosen to be in a softball.

ANSWER - it would not get damaged a lot

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Q: Why was rubber chosen to be in a softball?
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Is the rubber closer to the plate in womens fastpitch softball than mens fastpitch softball?

Mens fastpitch softball rubber is 46 feet and womens is 43 feet.

What is a softball made out of and why?


What is inside a softball?

a cork and rubber, i think

Can soccer cleats be used for softball?

No, softball cleats cannot have metal bottoms only rubber.

Why were the materials that are inside a softball chosen to be in it?

that is what is in a baseball

Can you wear rubber cleats in high school softball?

do what

In slow pitch softball does the pitcher have to be in contact with the pitching rubber?

in ASA rules yes in USSSA softball rules no

Why is leather chosen to be on a softball?

It is both durable and easy to grip.

What is the Dimensions of the softball pitching rubber?

24 inches by 6 inches

What is the distance from pitching rubber to home plate in softball?

43 feet

What makes a softball?

On a softball the first thing they make to make a softball is that there is a rock ball in it and then there is alot of string raped around it and on the outside is white or yellow rubber and the string holds the rubber together and it forms a softball shape. What makes the softball stick on the string under is this sticky brown stuff. The rock ball under is like a really hard piece of dirt. If you take a softball apart and get to the rock ball and throw it on the ground, it will break in half or into pieces.

Softball what are ladies softball field dimensions?

In fastpitch softball, the bases are 60 feet apart from the next. The pitcher's rubber is 40 feet from home plate in high school and ages 12U to18U. In 10U, the rubber is 35 feet. In 18U Gold and College, the rubber is 43 feet from home plate. Our high school field's fence is 210 feet, but this number varies.

What is the fastpitch softball pitching rubber size?

6 inches by 24 inches

What is the fastpitch softball youth pitching rubber size?

6" x 24"

Is the distance in fastpitch softball measured from the pitching rubber to the front of home plate or the back of home plate?

From tip of plate to front of rubber

What is the distance of the pitching rubber to home plate in softball 12 U?

40 feet

What is the dimensions of the pitching rubber for softball?

24" Long 6" Wide

Whats is the difference between baseball and softball cleats?

== == Baseball cleats are metal, and always that way. Softball cleats can be rubber, plastic, or metal. Metal cleats are only allowed in high school and college softball though.

How do you determine the Fastpitch Softball Circle?

It's a radius of 8 feet from the center of the pitching rubber.

How far is the pitching rubber from home plate in liitle girls softball?

7U and 10U - 35ft.

Slowpitch softball distance between pitching rubber to home plate?

The distance is 50 feet.

In fast pitch softball does the pitcher have to be in contact with the pitching rubber?

Yes, the pitcher has to be in contact with the rubber or if not the pitch will be illegal

What does a pentagon look like in softball?

The only pentagon shape in softball is home plate. It is five sided, a square base with a euclidean triangle on top. It is basically a white slab of rubber.

How do you measure the distance from home plate to softball mound?

From the tip of the plate to the edge of the rubber closest to the plate.

What are the differences between softball and kickball?

In kickball, the ball is rolled down to home plate and you have to kick the ball. In softball, the ball is thrown underhand and you have to hit it with your bat. Sometimes in kickball, you can get pegged which is when they chuck the ball and you, in softball that's not allowed. Also in kickball, the ball is made of rubber, in softball its much harder and dangerous.