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6" x 24"

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Q: What is the fastpitch softball youth pitching rubber size?
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How far is the pitching rubber to home plate in 10 youth fastpitch softball?

usually about 30 or 35 feet(:

How far is it from the pitching mound to the batters plate in Dixie Youth softball?

What age Dixie Youth.

When is youth softball season?

around April

Does girls youth softball have a World Series?

yes there is a girls little league softball world series

What are the rules for youth girls fastpitch softball?

there are many rules some of them are pitchers cant wear white in some leagues face-masks on helmets no spiked cletes facemasks in field for 3rd basemen (depends on league) those are just a hand ful

How far are bases in youth softball?

60 feet apart

How many people like to play baseball?

Approx 40 million people play some form of baseball (fastpitch, slowpitch softball, youth baseball, adult baseball) nationwide. Making it the most played sport in the US by far. Basketball second at 36 million.

What sports involves girls vs boys?

youth Soccer, softball, swimming

Can my daughter play on two teams in NSA Youth Softball?

Benjamin and bayley

What is the youth size softball?

beginner 11 inches intermediate/ advanced/ elite 12 inch

Distance between home plate and pitcher for girls softball youth 10?

35 feet

Distance between home plate and the pitcher for girls softball youth 12?

40 feet

How many innings is a coach required to play a fielder in an ASA fastpitch league.?

It depends on the league. Generally youth leagues have a rule that states how much each player must play, but ASA doesnt cover that, as there are no rules specific to the game of softball that declares a player must play in high school and more advanced leagues

What is the distance from Home plate to pitcher's mound in youth 10 under slow pitch softball?


Where can you find a website for youth girls softball socks?

There are several websites that feature girls socks for youth softball leagues. These socks are long in design and help players keep warm while on the field. To find the right site or online store, simply speak to any softball or baseball coach. With years of experience, they will be able to connect you to the right website and prices.

What is the most expensive youth softball bat on the market?

The Demarinis are very expensive up around $300 but they are amazing.

Can you bunt in softball?

It depends on what the league rules are. High school and college softball you are allowed to bunt. Most often once you reach a certain age in a youth league you're allowed to bunt. (I'm assuming you're talking about fast-pitch softball)

What softball bat would be good for a beginner?

When selecting a softball bat a few things need to be considered; age, height, and weight of the person who will be using the bat, type of material the bat is made from, the grip, the drop; length-to-weight ratio, and if a youth bat or adult bat is needed. Easton has many choices in beginner's softball bats including youth and adult bats.

What is the distance of the pitchers mound on a youth baseball field?

Assuming 60 foot basepaths, the pitcher's rubber is 46 feet from home plate. Some youth leagues use 70 foot basepaths with the pitcher's rubber set at 50 feet.

How far to pitcher's mound in girls youth softball?

For squirts the distance to the mound is 35 feet. For Peewee's the distance is 38 feet.

What are the field dimensions of dixie youth fast pitch softball fields?

The Base path is 60 ft. from the back of home plate to the front of 1st base, & the same from base to base, back home from 3rd. From the back of home plate to 2nd base is 84'10". The same from 1st to 3rd. There should be a minimum of 180' to the closest fence with a maximum of 200'. An 8' radius should be around the pitching rubber which is positioned at 40' from the front of home plate.

What is a good way to communicate with players when coaching youth softball?

Coaching youth softball can be thrilling but challenging at the same time. A good way to communicate with players is to stay positive. Many kids have low self-esteem and your job as a coach is to help them become more confident and increase their self-esteem. To do so, you must always reward effort and not penalize mistakes. You want your players to get better in an environment where they aren't afraid to fail and where working hard and trying is rewarded. Your communication must always be positive - this is the most important thing when coaching youth softball. For more information about building self-esteem in young softball players, follow the link below.

In softball is the first basemen allowed to stand right on top of the base when a runner is running to the firstbase?

Yes, however it is not recommended because if the first basemen is on the base while the runner is running and the runner runs into the first basemen there will be no calls made on interference and injury is very possible. This is why you have the orange/white double first bases in youth softball. The first baseman can actually be called for interference if they are blocking the white base in youth softball just as they can for blocking second or third.

Why cant you use a softball bat and glove in baseball?

it doesn't really matter what you use. the only difference is that in a glove for softball the glove is made smaller because a women's hand is usually smaller than a man's hand. Both bats and gloves are governed by certain rules which apply to both games. First, remember when it comes to rules for equipment there is little to no distinction between fastpitch softball and slowpitch softball. In baseball there are three basic levels of amateur play - youth (Little League, Dixie, Babe Ruth, etc.), senior baseball (ages 13 through 15), and adult (high school and college). For this question we will not discuss t-ball, professional or post college adult recreational leagues. Let's talk about bats first. In youth baseball Little League Inc. is king, and they spend money more on testing equipment and safety than the other youth leagues, so most of the other youth leagues follow Little League, Inc.'s lead. The bat rule in Little League requires, among other things, the bat be no more than 2 1/4" in diameter at the widest point in the barrel. It also stipulates the bat cannot perform better than a 1.15 BPF (Bat Performance Factor). Without getting into what that is, suffice it to say that bats must be sent in by the manufacturers and Little League tests them in a certain way and makes sure they are within the 1.15 BPF. In "big barrel" or travel ball leagues there are little to no bat restrictions. In high school and NCAA play the bat must meet BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ration) standards to prevent the ball coming off the bat any faster than desired by the rules committee. The bat must also be 2 5/8" in diameter in the barrel. Softball has a completely different set of governing bodies which dictate bat rules by a different set of standards. The ASA (Amateur Softball Association) is right now one of the largest softball organizations and their rules govern high school and NCAA softball as well. Why different rules for baseball and softball? Because the balls are completely different. Softball is actually an oxymoron because the ball is much harder than a baseball. It's compression value is greater than a baseball, so it comes off of the bat faster than a baseball. Therefore the 2 games need different rules to keep the games safe. The glove... Although most fastpitch softball gloves are made with smaller finger stalls and wrist openings, they can actually be bigger than a baseball glove by the rules. In the Rules of Baseball no glove on the field can be bigger than 12 1/2" from heel to the top of the forefinger, except the first baseman's and catcher's mitt. In softball the ASA requires no glove be bigger than 14". Some other leagues in softball have no specific glove rule. Regardless of the rules, I have never seen or heard of any umpire ejecting a glove based on size. The pocket is generally deeper in a softball specific glove as well, so using it in baseball one may find that digging the baseball out of the deep pocket is a bit more difficult. When shopping for a softball glove be sure to see if it is made for slowpitch or fastpitch. Slowpitch gloves are made for men and fastpitch gloves are made for girls and women.

What is the distance between home plate and the pitchers mound in youth girls softball?

11 amd 12 40 feet 9 and 10 35 feet