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Q: What is a softball made out of and why?
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What is a softball made of and why?

a softball is made out of yarn.cork,coloring,

In the 1996 Olympics which sport made its debut?

Softball. Softball.

Does a core of a softball bounce?

Yes, the core of a softball does bounce. It is made out of cork. This is what makes the softball bounce.

How is the core of a softball made?

the core of a softball is surrounded by compressed air and nobody really knows how its made. (its made in a factory)

What is inside of a softball?

The inside of a softball is made of cork. Even though it is called a softball, it is not soft at all. Take it from me :)

Why was softball made?

because softball is awesome and girls deserve to play too!

Why softball was made?

because softball is awesome and girls deserve to play too!

What is a softball glove made of?

Generally made from leather.

What was the first softball made of?


When was softball made?

november 1887

How many girls made the team for softball at usc in 2009?

None. USC does not have a softball program.

What was the first softball bat made out of?


When was the first softball made?

the first soft ball made was made in 1932.

What is the best material for a softball bat?

Softball bats are normally made out of metal. Louisville slugger is the main company that makes softball bats. While they also make wood, metal is used in softball.

What is the core of a softball made of?

Foam and other stuff

What are women's softball bats made of?

aluminum if its college

How is a easton synergy softball bat made?


How is a softball glove made?

Softball gloves are made the same way baseball gloves are. Companies like Akadema make both softball and baseball gloves. See video below on how gloves are made.

What is a softball made out of that makes it so easy to throw?

a softbal is not easy to throw- you probably are not throwing a real softball.

Where was a softball made?

A softball is made of leather on top and yarn or string to hold the two pieces of leather together. Inside is compresed foam or urithane foam.

What is softball leather made of?

It depends on the glove. Most are made of steer though.

What material are softball gloves made of?

Softball gloves are most commonly made out of cowhide. However, any kind of durable leather will usually do. Other forms of leather used to make softball gloves include kangaroo, buffalo, and pigskin.

Which sport made its debut in 1996?

Softball and Beach Volleyball.

Who made up fastpich softball?

I think it was George Hancock

Where did softball originate from?

It originated in Chicago and was made by George Hancock