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It is available in the U.S. as there are two studio's in California as well as video's available.

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2013-08-17 17:18:43
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Q: Why is winsor pilates only available outside of us?
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What is the difference between pilates and windsor pilates?

Both types of pilates are quite similar. They both work on breathing, stretching, balance and toning. The only difference between the two, is that winsor pilates use accessories to assist in the movements, like balls, and resistance bands to name a few.

Where can one purchase a Mari Winsor Pilates DVD?

Mari Winsow Pilates DvD's are purchasable at not only many retailer stores, but also on the internet from wonderful sites like, Walmart, Amazon, and even Barns and Noble.

What's the best diet to accompany my pilates workout?

Any diet you stick to is usually the best plan. However, the most common coupling between diet and pilates is the Winsor Pilates diet plan. I used a low calorie diet with pilates and lost wieght rather quickly. The nice perk with this combination is you will not only loose wieght you will also firm up as you go along.

Is it ok to do yoga and winsor Pilates?

Both yoga and pilates offer benefits to your body and there is no reason you cannot do both forms of exercise. Participating in one activity will not harm or undo benefits of the other - any trainer or GP who tells you can only do one is more concerned with their revenue and less with your physical well being. The golden rule of all exercie is ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY don't do exercises your body can't cope with.

Do pilates only lenght your muscles or does it get them big too?

Pilates lengthens, strengthens & tones the muscles for a lean look-not bulk.

What are the advantages of doing pilates?

The advantages of doing pilates is not only the physical aspect of looking good but that it corrects postural alignment. Pilates can help improve the way you move and present yourself.

How do you tell if your 289 engine is a windsor or a Cleveland?

simple neither ford only made the winsor and Cleveland in a 351 the winsor is a small block and the Cleveland is a big block

Is the stabilizing ball used more for pilates or yoga?

A stabilizing ball is more used for pilates. Yoga only has minimal equipment.

Is pilates better than doing just aerobics only?

Aerobics is a great form of cardio while Pilates will add to it strength, toning and flexibilty work.

Does Pilates lengthen your legs?

No, it lengthens the muscles in your legs. Your legs only lengthen when they grow.

Can pilates improve my heart health?

At best pilates would only provide a moderate benefit to heart health. Aerobic activity is the key to heart health and pilates fall more into the anaerobic category. They are good for strength and flexibility, but do not push hard enough to get the heart working enough.

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