What is a set pass?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well in volleyball a set pass is a pass which is flicked out of the hands without actually grabbing the ball Hope that helps

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Q: What is a set pass?
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Type of forearm pass?

two types of forearm pass is a bump or set

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Why is the overhead pass or set important in volleyball?

The overhead pass is an important skill for passing a ball and making a set to attackers

The palm does not touch the ball during a?

Forearm pass or bump

Is a set or a pass considered the best way to hit?

I would say a set.

How big is a military pass and review?

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What pass has the most control in volleyball?

A set is the legal pass that gives you the most control.

What is the ball is contacted with fingertips and used to set uo for a spike?

overhead pass(set)

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