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stamina is our confidence,

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Q: Why is stamina needed in football?
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Why is a high amount of muscular endurance needed in football?

In football they have to run for 90 minutesand face fierce tackles, so muscles and stamina are needed.

Why is stamina needed in a football match?

Simple...... to last the whole 90 minutes of a game.

Why do you need stamina in football?

Stamina is needed because of the constant running and stopping needed to play it. When i played Football i was the running back and after you got a 20 yard run you are very tired and you almost need a break after just 20 yards.

What fitness components must you have for football and why?

The main components needed for football are speed, stamina, muscular power and flexibility. Speed is needed to get away from your defender or to catch up to the attacker. Stamina is needed so that you can run around a lot and not get so tired. Muscular power is needed to get above the defenders to make a header or to get possession. Flexibility is needed when you're a goalkeeper to dive and jump.

How do you increase your stamina in football?

football involves cardiovascular exercises which increase your stamina and other parts of your health

Why is stamina needed in dance?

Stamina is very important in dance as dance is a highly fatigues activity and stamina is needed to prolong your capability. So basically you need stamina to last longer during tiring activities.

Why is stamina needed in netball?

it is needed because you can make sex

What are some sports that require stamina?

Football, cricket, tennis, marathon race and swimming requires high stamina.

How does stamina help in football?

It can help you run faster for longer.

Why do you have to work out for football?

because you have to be in good shape. Football includes strength, stamina, and much more

What are the skills required for football?

communication speed teamwork footwork stamina

Which game need most stamina?

free-running (Parkour) and football