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Figure skating is one of the hardest sports around and requires exceptional skill

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Q: Why is figure skating a sport used in the Olympics?
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Is it true that ballroon dancing and surfing are sports included in the Olympic games?

No, ballroom dancing isn't considered a sport, and water sports aren't used in the Olympics (unless you call figure skating a water sport)

Has anyone got sixes from all the judges in figure skating at the Olympics?

The old scoring system is not used anymore.

Who used a combination of grace who won figure skating gold medalsin the 1980s?

Who used a combination of grace who won figure skating gold medalsin the 1980s?

What is the legal age to be in figure ice skating?

you can actually be any age. there are even infants that are in figure skating at the place i go & the one i used to go to.

What Sports equipment starts with i?

Ice skates are sports equipment. They are used in hockey, figure skating and speed skating.

How are the dominant muscles used in figure skating?

Your thighs are used for jumping, spinning, and stroking.

What sport does Jack lovelock do?

he used to run in the Olympics

Why did the Greeks used to used to have Olympics?

The Greeks had the Olympics because they wanted some sort of entertainment competition with sport!!

How is math used in figure skating?

Math is used in ice skating by the speed you go, how much they skates cost, and also how the judges score you. There are other ways they are similiar.

What muscles are used when figure skating?

Figrue skating is a sport that uses practically all of the bodies muscles. Of course, all of the leg muscles are used the most because of all the jumps and spins. The arm muscles are used frequently due to having to hold them up and all of the falling which a skater will put their arm out to catch themselves. Falling alone can contribute to muscular arms. The abdominals are also used in figure skating because of the spins and jumps where having a strong trunk is a necessity to be a good skater. Hope this helps!

Is it cold when you go ice skating?

Yes, if you're just going ice skating, then it will be cold. If you're going figure skating, then you'll probably get used to it, and get very warm but sweating afterwards.

What are the dominant muscles used when figure skating?

quad, hamsting, adducter, gluteus, lower back

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