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Nike is the greek god of sports. The Olympics are a greek sport. They ar putting a tribute to the greek culture

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Q: Why medals used in the Olympics have the goddess Nike in it?
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What does the Nike logo mean?

the Nike logo represent the wing of the goddess Nike. she was goddess of victory and was used by Nike in the context that if people wore their shoes they would be victorious.

Why was bronze used for?

It is used for medals in the olympics and Jewlry

What was used as medals for the Olympics at that time?


What is an fact about Bronze?

used for 3rd place medals in Olympics

What is the Greek definition of Nike?

It`s the name of the Greek Goddess of victory, that`s why Knight used it for the company.

How many Medals did HK win in the Olympics?

He used cheat codes. Naggers do that. Dang naggers.

What is Canadian Royal mint used for?

making Canada's money a they even make medals for the Olympics

What was wreath used for the ancient Greek Olympics?

The Olive wreath was used during the first Olympics, the same way as we use gold, silver and bronze medals today!

What font is used for the Nike logo?


How was Nike used in the Persian Wars?

Nike was the symbol of victory.

What type of equipment are used to make nike shoes?

what are the machines used in making nike products

What is the abbreviation for Nike?

There isn't a commonly used expanded form of Nike.

What is the Nike ball used by Tiger Woods?

The Nike One Tour.

What is the transport used in transnational corporation of Nike?

nike uses bus

Who designed the 5 circles for the Olympics?

It was used by the Ancient Greeks, instead of having medals, they would have the trophies in the shape of the rings in Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron

Where did Nike get its name from?

Nike got its name from the greek goddess of victory Nikey. After the Battle of Marathon the greeks sent a messenger named Phidippides to tell the closest city that the Greeks had Beaat the Persians. he ran 24 miles, almost a marathon, and when he got to the city he yelled "NIKE" NIKEY" and then he collapsed and died from exaustion. Nike meant symbolized victory, that way the people knew the Greeks had won. and Nike the company used that as their name.

Whos leading the Olympics 2008?

China are leading. The US uses a 'total medals' system. Everyone else uses a 'gold medals only' system. The IOC has no official line but tends towards the standard used by everyone but the US.

Can Nike id gift card be used for any Nike merchandise?


Which sportsman is used to promote Nikes products?

Nike is used for pretty much everything! There are Nike soccer and football, baseball, and softball cleats, Nike Basketball shoes, Nike socks. Nike is just a good all around sports aid.

What is the difference in price between new Nike trainers and cheap used Nike trainers?

The difference in price between new and used Nike trainers will vary depending on design and condition. For example, used Nike trainers on Ebay can sell for several hundred dollars cheaper than new Nike trainers.

Where does the slogan 'You do not win silver you lose gold' come from?

It was certainly used as part of an Olympic advertising campaign, but the actual origins are somewhat unsure. It was a part of Nike's ad before the Olympics.

What are Nike shoes used for?

they are used for the purpose of getting girls

How do you spell Nike's?

The plural of Nike (shoe) would be Nikes. Except in rare cases, apostrophes are not used to form plural nouns. The form Nike's would mean something about Nike.

What is a Nike ID used to access?

NIKE ID is used to access an online NIKE store so that you may be able to buy their products. You may also use it to access you locker on their site.

What was the temple of Athena Nike used for?