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because the dh is actually hitting for the pictcher in th AL, however in the NL the pitchers bat

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Q: Why does the AL have the DH and not the NL?
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Why does the AL have the DH and the NL does not?

because the dh is actually hitting for the pictcher in th AL, however in the NL the pitchers bat

How does the DH work in the World Series?

When their is a AL team is the home there is a dh. When a NL team is the home team there is no dh.

Since the dh has been invented who has more world series nl or al?

Designated hitter was the one who invented the world series NL and AL. This is major league baseball.

What is DH?

designated hitter. In the major leagues DH's are only used in the American League. In the NL league the pitcher has to bat. Basically it is a designated hitter for the pitchers. But when AL and NL teams play each other the AL team does need to bat their pitcher.

How many home runs were hit during the 2000s decade in the Major Leagues?

52,148 - 27,321 in the National League and 24,827 in the American League: 2009 - 2482 in the NL and 2560 in the AL. 2008 - 2608 in the NL and 2270 in the AL. 2007 - 2705 in the NL and 2252 in the AL. 2006 - 2840 in the NL and 2546 in the AL. 2005 - 2580 in the NL and 2437 in the AL. 2004 - 2846 in the NL and 2605 in the AL. 2003 - 2708 in the NL and 2499 in the AL. 2002 - 2595 in the NL and 2464 in the AL. 2001 - 2952 in the NL and 2506 in the AL. 2000 - 3005 in the NL and 2688 in the AL.

Were the Montreal Expos in the AL or NL?


What do AL and NL stand for?

AL - American League NL - National League The AL and NL make up MLB (Major League Baseball).

Witch is older al or nl?

The NL is older

What pitchers hit home runs in both leagues?

Since the beginning of interleague play:C.C. Sabathia (2 in the AL and 1 in the NL)Josh Beckett (2 in the AL and 1 in the NL)Some of the 'old timers' that did it are:Wes Farrell (37 in the AL and 1 in the NL)Milt Pappas (11 in the AL and 9 in the NL)Cy Young (6 in the AL and 12 in the NL)Jim Kaat (14 in the AL and 2 in the NL)Carl Mays (3 in the AL and 2 in the NL)Ken Brett (3 in the AL and 7 in the NL)Jim Tobin (2 in the AL and 15 in the NL).

How many home runs were hit during the 1990's decade in the Major Leagues?

41,349 - 19,459 in the National League and 21,890 in the American League: 1999 - 2893 in the NL and 2635 in the AL. 1998 - 2565 in the NL and 2499 in the AL. 1997 - 2163 in the NL and 2477 in the AL. 1996 - 2220 in the NL and 2742 in the AL. 1995 - 1917 in the NL and 2164 in the AL. 1994 - 1532 in the NL and 1774 in the AL. 1993 - 1956 in the NL and 2074 in the AL. 1992 - 1262 in the NL and 1776 in the AL. 1991 - 1430 in the NL and 1953 in the AL. 1990 - 1521 in the NL and 1796 in the AL. The NL had 14 teams between 1990-1997 and 16 teams in 1998-1999. The AL had 14 teams for the entire decade.

How many divisions are there in the Major League Baseball?

6 (AL East, AL Central, AL West, NL East, NL Central, NL West)

Are the Oriels in the NL or AL?

AL east

What is the meaning of DH in baseball?

a DH only exists in the AL of the MLB. a DH is short for Designated Hitter. the DH hits for the Pitcher.

Who were the nl and al mvp's in 1973?

NL - Pete Rose CIN AL - Reggie Jackson OAK

Al or nl pitchers hit better?

NL you have to hit to be good at it

How many times has the MLB al and nl won the World Series?

(2009) for al 61 for nl 43

Are the Rays in the NL or AL?

The Rays play in the AL East

Who were the AL and NL MVPs in the 2006 baseball season?

The AL MVP was Justin Morneau, the NL MVP was Ryan Howard.

What 8 mlb pitchers have 100 wins in the national league and the American league?

Here is the list with number of wins in each league and the year they joined the club;1) Cy Young (290 NL, 221 AL), 19042) Al Orth (104 AL, 100 NL), 19073) Jim Bunning (118 AL, 106 NL), 19704) Gaylord Perry (175 NL, 139 AL), 19775) Fergie Jenkins (169 NL, 115 AL) 19806) Nolan Ryan (189 AL, 135 NL), 19847) Dennis Martinez (141 NL, 104 AL) 19938) Randy Johnson (164 AL, 139 NL, through 2009), 2003

How many players have had 500 RBIs in both the A.L. and the N.L.?

I don't know that I can give you all of them but I can get the ball rolling: These numbers are current through August 22, 2007 Dave Winfield - 626 NL - 1207 AL Frank Robinson - 1009 NL - 803 AL Ken Griffey Jr. - 533 NL - 1148 AL Fred McGriff - 886 NL - 664 AL Lee May - 737 NL - 507 AL Ellis Burks - 551 NL - 665 AL

Pitched a No hitter in both leagues?

1) Nolan Ryan: AL no hitter 1973 (2), 1974, 1975, 1990, 1991 - NL no hitter 1981. 2) Cy Young: AL 1904, 1908 - NL 1897. 3) Jim Bunning: AL 1958 - NL 1964. 4) Randy Johnson: AL 1990 - NL 2004. 5) Hideo Nomo: AL 2001 - NL 1996.

How many home runs were hit during the 1960's decade in the Major Leagues?

26,169 - 12,272 in the National League and 13,897 in the American League: 1969 - 1470 in the NL and 1649 in the AL. 1968 - 891 in the NL and 1104 in the AL. 1967 - 1102 in the NL and 1197 in the AL. 1966 - 1378 in the NL and 1365 in the AL. 1965 - 1318 in the NL and 1370 in the AL. 1964 - 1211 in the NL and 1551 in the AL. 1963 - 1215 in the NL and 1489 in the AL. 1962 - 1449 in the NL and 1552 in the AL. 1961 - 1196 in the NL and 1534 in the AL. 1960 - 1042 in the NL and 1086 in the AL. The NL had 8 teams between 1960-1961, 10 teams between 1962-1968, and 12 teams in 1969. The AL had 8 teams in 1960, 10 teams between 1961-1968, and 12 teams in 1969. MLB lowered the height of the pitching rubber from 15 inches to 10 inches in 1969 due to the stark decline in home runs in 1967-1968 and the addition of four new expansion teams.

Which leagues are featured on the Baseball America website?

There are quite a few different leagues that are featured on the Baseball America website. Some of them being NL West, AL West, NL Central, AL Central, NL East and AL East.

How many all star games have been played at Wrigley Field?

Three times - 1) 1947 - AL 2, NL 1 2) 1962 - AL 9, NL 4 3) 1990 - AL 2, NL 0

What channel is the 2009 all-star game on?

It's on FOX. It Starts at 8:00 ET, July 14 at Busch Stadium, Home of the St. Louis Cardinals. The players who will be there are: 1b: M. Teixeira, NYY (AL) A. Pujols, STL (NL) 2b: D. Pedroia, BOS, (AL) C. Utley, PHI (NL) 3b: E. Longoria, TB, (AL) D. Wright, NYM (NL) SS: D. Jeter, NYY, (AL) H. Ramirez, FLA (NL) C: J. Mauer, MIN (AL) Y. Molina, STL (NL) LF: J. Bay, (AL) R. Ibanez, PHI (NL) RF: I. Suzuki, (AL) R. Braun, MIL (NL) CF: J. Hamilton (AL) C. Beltran (NL)