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Designated hitter was the one who invented the World Series NL and AL. This is Major League Baseball.

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Q: Since the dh has been invented who has more world series nl or al?
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How long has it been since the cubs have gone to the world series?

It's been awhile since the Cubs have BEEN to a World Series -- 1945. It's been even longer since they have WON a World Series -- 1908.

Who invented the art in this World?

No one invented art it has been around since humans have been around

What major league team has played the most seasons without being in a world series?

The Seattle Mariners have been in the Major Leagues since 1977 (33 years) and have never been in the World Series. If you're asking about the longest drought of a team who HAS been in a World Series before but hasn't been in one since, the Chicago Cubs were last in the World Series in 1945, but haven't been in one since, making that a 65 year stint.

How many times have the yanks been to the World Series since 1970?

The New York Yankees have appeared in 7 World Series since 1970.

Why is the World Series always played in Brooklyn?

There hasn't been a World Series played in Brooklyn since 1956.

How long did it take the New York Yankees to win their first World Series?

The Yankees won their first World Series in 1923. The World Series has been played since 1903.

How many years was the World Series played?

The World Series has been played annually since 1903, with the exception of the 1904 and 1994 seasons.

How many presidents have there been since the last time the Cubs won the world series?

Theodore Roosevelt was president the last time the Cubs won the world series in 1908. Since then, as of 2010, there have been 18 US presidents in office.

Did the 2003 World Series happen in Pittsburgh?

No. The 2003 World Series was played between the Florida Marlins and New York Yankees. Pittsburgh hasn't been in the World Series since 1979.

How many games are in the World Series?

Since 1922, the World Series has been a best-of-seven contest. The team that wins four games becomes the world champion.

How long has it been since the rangers have been in the World Series?

The Texas Rangers appeared in back-to-back World Series in 2010 and 2011. They lost the 2010 World Series in five games to the San Francisco Giants. A year later, they lost the 2011 World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals.

How many World Series did Atlanta Braves win consecutuively?

The Atlanta Braves have only won 1 world series; however, there have been 3 total world series wins since the franchise has been in existence (one in Boston, Milwaulkee, and Atlanta).

Do most World Series go to seven games?

No. A seven-game World Series can be rare. The last ones were in 2014, 2011 and 2002. World Series sweeps have been more frequent recently. There have been six since the 1998 Fall Classic.

How many World Series have been played since 1903?

The 2012 World Series will be the 108th edition of the Fall Classic, which was first played in 1903. The Series was not held in 1904 and 1994.

Have the Chicago Cubs won the World Series since 2008?

No, the last time they won the World Series was 1908. The last time they have been in a World Series was 1945 against the Detriot Tigers. Cha Cha!

How long have baseball stats been kept?

Since the first World Series, in 1903.

How many World Series games have the Oakland A's been in?

Since the Athletics moved to Oakland they have been in 6 World Series (1972, 1973, 1974, 1988, 1989, 1990) and have played 32 World Series games, winning 17 and losing 15.

How many World Series games have there been?

105 The world series has been around since 1903 But 1904 and 1994 had no world series becasue of boycott and strike. It would 107 but minus those two years you get 105

How many car crashes have there been since cars have been invented?

There have been over millions of car crashes since they were invented

Where can you find a 1977 World Series ball?

Up until 1977 regular season baseballs were used during the World Series. Rawlings started to make World Series baseballs in 1978 that features the World Series logo, and have been making them ever since.

Which sport has a World Series?

The "World Series" has been played by Major League Baseball since 1903. The World Series is the last round of playoffs, played between the American League champions, and the National League champions.

When did the St. Louis Cardinals play in the World Series?

They won the 2011 world series against the Texas Rangers. And they won the 2006 world series against the Detriot Tigers. That is how many they have played since i have been alive.

How many games have been played in the world series since the cubs last won it?


Is there a home-field advantage in the World Series?

Statistically speaking, yes. Since 1985, the team that has opened the World Series at home (hosting a possible four of seven games) has been victorious in 24 of the last 30 World Series.

Who invented junk food?

It has been here since the world was invented