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Mostly the air you breathe has some water in it. Air with a bigger humidity is thicker. Not that you would notice it while walking or anything like that. So if you throw a ball in to water, it's not going to go very far, but when you throw it in the air, it flies much further. So the less there is water in the air, the less air resistance there is to slow the ball down.

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Q: Why does a ball fly better in dry air?
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What happens if a fly ball is caught in the air?

if you catch a fly ball in baseball, the person who hit it, is out.

What is fly out in softball?

A fly ball out is when they batter hits the ball in the air and one of the fielders on the opposite team catches it while it is still in the air.

What is a fly ball?

In the game of baseball, a fly ball is one which has been hit so that it remains in the air.

Why does a match ball fly better than a strike ball soccer ball?


In softball what is a fly ball?

A fly ball is when the ball is hit high up in the air. A fly ball is almost always caught, so a line drive is the best thing to hit in softball.....Or its a sport where you use flies to push a ball into a goal.

Can air make a ball fly?

With enough velocity - yes air can make a ball fly. As an example - a lot of debris gets blown around in hurricanes, and tornadoes certainly cause objects much heavier than balls to fly around.

What can you put in a soccer ball so that it can fly higther when you kick it?

More air

Why do ping pong balls fly?

the ball is the same as a tennis ball. it is made out of air on the inside so it will float in the air for a while and then will endventualuy fall.

What is grounder?

In baseball, a hit ball that travels along the ground, as opposed to a fly ball that travels through the air.

What does Grounder mean in Baseball Stats?

It is a ball that the batter hits on the ground. Contrary to a fly ball that is hit in the air.

What small buzzing insect that is not wet?

Dry Fly

What is a Fly out?

That is when a batter hits the ball in the air and the defender catches it before it hits the ground. Generally, the term 'fly out' is used with a ball hit to an outfielder. The tern 'pop out' is used with a ball hit to an infielder.

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