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More air

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Q: What can you put in a soccer ball so that it can fly higther when you kick it?
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Why does a match ball fly better than a strike ball soccer ball?


How does air pressure effect the soccer ball when you kick it?

The more pressure in the ball the firmer it will be to kick. A low pressure ball will concave around your foot when you kick it but a higher pressure ball will give less. The more pressure in the ball the more air pressure your moving when you kick it. Think of it like a bow; the father back it is drawn the farther the arrow will fly. The more pressure in the ball the more solid it is and therefore gives more energy for energy input.

What sports are played in Honduras besides soccer?

Nut ball , catch the platypus, eat the fly

Which ball can be kicked the farthest the soccer ball or the football?

The answer depends largely on the kicker, as leg strength and kicking technique are the greatest factors in determining final length of the ball's flight. There are some mechanics of the ball itself that may make a slight difference.Why the football might go farther:A soccer ball is slightly heavier (just a few grams, on average) than an NFL football. This means that more force is required to kick it the same distance.A soccer ball's shape gives it a larger profile, so it is more susceptible to wind resistance (drag). This gives a slight advantage to the football unless there is a tailwind, which will help the soccer ball.Why the soccer ball might go further:A football is narrower, and so it is harder to kick with accuracy. Because of its shape, a few millimeters difference in kick location can make a lot of difference in how the ball flies. In comparison, a soccer ball is basically spherical, and so it is less susceptible to this phenomenon.Because of its shape, a soccer ball gains more benefit from a tailwind, and so would likely fly farther if there is a moderate or strong wind at the kicker's back.A soccer ball tends to be softer, which allows it to "bounce" off of the kicker's foot, whereas a football is less flexible and pushes back against the foot, transferring some of the energy back to it.If bouncing after initial landing is also considered, the football has the capability of bouncing backward, which gives the soccer ball a better after-the-bounce average.

How do you get a ball to fly through the air?

kick it Or throw it. head butt it punch it shoot it out of a cannon bounce it off your face body slam it

Why you need balance in football?

To kick, for example you need to stand on one leg for a few nanoseconds so your other leg can kick the ball. Also, some kicks are very 'dramatic' and they need balance. If you didn't have balance you would miss the ball and fly to the floor.

How could you make a Spin on a soccer ball when you kick it?

to spin? It's all in the technique you hit the ball with if you're right footed and you wrap you foot around the ball I'll curl to the left or if you hit it with the outside of your foot it'll curl to the right. If you want the ball to kind of dip in the air hit it more to the top of the ball or if you want it to fly catch it on the underside nevertheless every ball has a so called sweet spot right in the middle which is the perfect mix between elevation and power

What are the terminologies of kickball?

Kickball is a game that is played with a rubber ball where players kick the ball and run around four bases. A few ways a player can be called out of a game are: a strike out, fly out, tag out and a force out.

Mario strikers charged football?

It's Mario Strikers Charged (I don't know why people these days call soccer football. Anyways Its a hardcore soccer game where characters fly no matter what the soccer ball multiplies and boo wears a cute helmet

What is a short fly ball?

pop fly

What is it when a pitched ball bounces and the batter swings and hits it in fair territory and it is caught on a fly by a defensive player . Does it count as a fly ball or a ball that already bounced?

The bounce took place before the ball was hit so the ball is a fly ball.

What will happen if you change the pressure of a rugby ball?

If its reduced the ball absorbs the pressure of a kick making the ball fly much less if at all, the bounce in the ball is reduced and the passing is like throwing a wet sponge. - If over pressurised the ball continues to bounce in the normal way but the shape will change causing the aerodynamics to change

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