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You need to wax your snowboard because it reduces friction and lets your snowboard slide better. Its also reduces wear and tear from day to day use.

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2009-06-25 22:22:24
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Q: Why do you need snowboard wax?
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How do you wax a snowboard?

car wax

What is the difference between snowboard wax and surfboard wax?

There really is not much difference between snowboard wax and surfboard wax. Wax for surfboards are mainly used on top of a surfboard while snowboard wax is used on the bottom.

Can you use car wax to make a snowboard go faster?

Yes, wax will lower the drag coefficient of the snowboard.

Why do you have to wax your snowboard?

Sorry about the last person who had a terribly incorrect answer. When you snowboard, you will get scratches in the bottom over time, there is no avoiding it. When you do, you need to wax your snowboard to fill in those scratches so you have a smoother ride. It isn't to "slick up" your board, it is to fill in the scratches.

Can you wax a snowboard with candle wax?

Candle wax can cause your board to stick to the snow. You can make homemade snowboard wax though. See the related link below for a full set of instructions.

How do you wax a snowboard properly?

Waxing your snowboard provides immediate benefits and is easy to do. With a few tools and an hour anyone can put a fresh coat of Snowboard wax on their snowboard and slide better than ever.Tools you will needBase cleaner or citrus cleaner - to clean the dirt/grime, and old wax off your base.Iron - don't use the one your mother uses on her clothes.Wax - Snowboard or ski specific wax only.Scrapper - a medium ski specific scrapper is preferred over a long snowboard scrapper.Abrasive Pad - for finishing the job.Steps for waxing your snowboardClean the base of your snowboard with base cleaner, or a citrus cleaner.Drip the wax on your board using an old iron, but make sure to use snowboard/ski specific wax. If the wax smokes the iron is too hot.Smooth the wax out with your iron, spreading it evenly over the surface.Then you need to scrape as much of the wax of as you can using a scraper.Finish the job by using an abrasive pad to smooth out the wax using a tip to tail direction.

Can you wax a snowboard with a lighter?

No it destroys the board.

Do i wax a new snowboard?

the majority of new snowboards come prewaxed, if the snowboard feels like it doesnt slide very well, then you should wax it

Will regular candle wax ruin your snowboard?

Yes, for waxing Snowboards/Skis you will need to use tuning wax which you can usually buy at a sports shop on the mountain...

Can you use furniture wax on a snowboard?

No, not a good idea

Can you use surf wax on a snow board?

No, surf wax is for grip on the deck of a surfboard. Snowboard wax is for speed on the bottom of a snowboard. They do opposite things. ANSWER: Don't think so, never tried it too.

Is their snowboard wax that the color comes off on the snow?

Possibly, depending on how good the quality of your wax is.

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