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Q: Why do women lacrosse players throw their stick down after scoring?
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What name is given to the implement used in the game of lacrosse to throw pass and catch the ball?

a lacrosse stick

What is the purpse of lacrosse?

The use the stick with net attached and throw the ball in the goal with it

What is the stick used to throw the ball in lacross called?

In lacrosse, the stick is EVERYTHING. You can only touch the ball with your stick. That's how you carry it. You shoot, cradle, pass, block, and catch with the stick.

What are the pros and cons of a lacrosse goalie stick?

a pro is that you can stop the ball and through far a con is that you can't throw accurate

How do you throw using a LaCrosse stick?

The simple answer is a pull with the lower hand and a push with the upper hand. Although you want a smoother motion than that. Remember to look at the head of the stick you're throwing to all the way through the throw.

What is the difference between volleyball and hockey?

No, lacrosse is not the same thing as field hockey. In field hockey you use a stick with a curved base on the ground and hit it to your team mate, or you can dribble it up the field. The goal in field hockey is much bigger than a lacrosse goal. In lacrosse you throw and catch a ball using a stick with a net and you can run with the ball in you stick. Lacrosse is a much faster paced game too. In lacrosse you wear eye protection and a mouth guard, in field hockey you wear shin guards and a mouth guard. Both sports are really fun.

What is a conversion NBA?

It would refer to someone making a basket....but is more commonly used when players make the free throw after scoring a basket and getting fouled.

Would a lighter lacrosse stick be more easier to throw with or a heavy stick?

Yes, because it is lighter so you have more control over it and you can feel the ball come out better.

What is the equipment needed in lacrosse?

In Lacrosse you use a stick, consisting of two parts, the head and the shaft. You also wear protective equipment such as a Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads, Gloves, and sometimes rib pads. Rib Pads are not required.In mens there is generally the shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, the cup, the helmet, and the stick which is either the short stick or the defensive pole.In womens the equipment is basically a stick the length of a mens short stick, optional gloves, and goggles.Both have to wear mouthguards because no one wants to lose teeth, or get a concussion. Both have goalies that wear chest pads and helmets with thigh pads. The shin guards are preferred but are mainly up to the goalie or the coach as well as any other pads.I'm not sure about mens lacrosse but for womens all you need is an approved stick, mouthguard, and eye protection goggles.Men use helmets, gloves, elbow/arm guards/protectors, chest pads, a stick (made up of the shaft and head), a cup, and optionaly rib guards (very useful for midis and attack because you get slap and poke checked a lot).Men's and women's lacrosse require different equipment, since the rules for the sport are different.Men's lacrosse equipment:Lacrosse cleats or an athletic tennis shoeAn athletic supporter and athletic cupChest and shoulder pads (optional)Arm guards (optional)Helmet with full face maskLacrosse stick with headLacrosse ballMouthguardWomen's lacrosse equipment:Lacrosse cleats or an athletic tennis shoeLacrosse gogglesLacrosse stick with headLacrosse ballMouthguardFor Men's Lacrosse: You need lacrosse gloves , arm guards, helmet, shoulder pads, and a lacrosse stickFor Women's Lacrosse:You need a lacrosse stick, goggles, a mouth guard. Gloves and cleats are optional

What is a high scoring judo throw?

There is no certain high scoring judo throw. The type of throw does not give you the points but how the throw is done is what gets you points. To get a high score you need good delivery, power, and sometimes air (how high he goes).

Do you play lacrosse alone?

No Lacrosse is a team sport, But you can throw a ball against a wall by yourself and then you would be alon

Did early lacrosse players wear helmets?

No, girls are not allowed to wear helmets in America. In other countries it may be allowed but not in America. That is a contriverisial issued being debated for a few years. The people against helmets say that it will make girls more violen while playing lacrosse. But girls can throw just as hard as guys can so if they get hit in the head it will have major damage to the skull and could result in death. Edit: Just FYI, girls can't throw as hard as guys... Granted, SOME girls can throw as hard as SOME guys, but on average, guys shoot a lot harder. I would love to see girls play a full out game of mens lacrosse lol. That would be pretty intense.