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simply, because it is fun.

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Q: Why do people enjoy volleyball so much?
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How many people enjoy volleyball?

No number to say... but i like volleyball and a lot of my friends do. Plus there is the whole other population of the world... so i would say A LOT!

Why do people enjoy weed so much?

because its cool and addicting

Why is volleyball is so much fun?

Because volleyball Is exercise and exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make people happy and happy people don't shoot their husbands. They just don't.

What do you have to say about volleyball?

Volleyball is the best sport ever. It is so much fun, and there are positions for short people like me too. You need to be skilled to play, but it is awesome.

What 3 reasons why people should play volleyball?

1.It is so much fun 2.It is great exercise 3.You can make many new friends i love volleyball

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Natures way of ensuring we survive as a species.

How many people can play in a game of volleyball?

as many as you would like but in a real volleyball game 6 on each team and there is 2 teams so 12 people can play in a game of volleyball.

Why are people in Brazil so good at volleyball?

Because theyre mexican.

Do people enjoy manatees?

yes i think people enjoy manatees yes i think people enjoy manatees

Why is pie made?

so people can enjoy it

How can volleyball help you in life?

it can help you learn how to cope with people because in volleyball you really gotta be able to deal with them. It also helps yu cuz wen your on that court you become so much stronger then yu were before.

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So people can enjoy storys

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