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beach volleyball is a game you play at the beach with friends or family. beach volleyball ball is a soft ball you play with.

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Q: Beach volleyball ball
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What is the radius of a volleyball ball?

The size of a regulation volleyball depends on if it is used for indoor or beach volleyball. An indoor ball has the radius of about 21 centimeters, and a beach ball has a radius of about 21.7 centimeter.

What two sports use same ball?

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

What is the highest score in volley ball?

Indoor volleyball is 25. Beach volleyball is __

Can ball touch net on serve in beach volleyball?


What are all the sports where you serve a ball?

Tennis, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and beach volleyball.

Are the balls the same for beach volley ball and indoor volley ball?

No the ball for volleyball is much lighter

How many men play Beach volleyball?

2 men play beach volley ball

When do you use agillty in volleyball?

To get to the ball. Ex specially in beach volleyball when there is only two people on the court.

Is volleyball in the olyimpics?

yes beach volley ball is in the summer olyimpics

Who is the best volley ball player?

Murilo Misty May is really good at beach volleyball player. She and her partner won the Olympics in beach volleyball for the USA.

Is volleyball like beach ball?

Beach volleyball is less painful then volleyball. In beach volleyball you dig into sand instead of a gym floor. Beach volleyball is hotter and you wear short shorts and a short but tight top. Most people wear sunglasses and you can play bearfooted. In volleyball they wear a jersey and short shorts. They wear tennis shoes also.

Does it matter if your playing indoor volleyball and you have a beach volleyball?

There is actually a difference between the 2 balls. Outdoor ball pressure is 2.5-3.2psi. Indoor balls are much harder at 4.3-4.6psi. In other words a Beach volleyball is lighter then a indoor volleyball

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