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The first person to play volleyball was William Morgan, and his daughters.

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Q: Who was the first person to play volleyball?
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Who is the first person to play volley ball?

yolandie sufia was the first player that played volleyball. she was also the person that invented volley-ball.

When is the ball in play and out of play in volleyball?

when the person doesn't serve yet

Who was the first person to know volleyball in the Philippines?

the first Filipino played volleyball in the Philippines is Tero HakaSe...

How do you help a quadriplegic person play volleyball?

very carefully...

How do you teach volleyball?

first you must learn how to play it yourself

Why can't guys play volleyball?

Guys can play Volleyball, there is even a men's Olympic Volleyball team!

Who was the first people play the volleyball?

Tony Abbott and his mob of Liberal MPs.

Who likes to play volleyball?

volleyball players and people who like volleyball

What is the definition of a person out of play in volleyball?

i dont think there is an exact word for it but probably just teammate

Who is famous sports person?

me i play volleyball just kidding cony braint he plays basketball

Where would someone play volleyball in haiti?

They could play volleyball at the beach.

When did Multi Play Volleyball happen?

Multi Play Volleyball happened in 1994.