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You mean the ball, the volleyball? To play volleyball of course!

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โˆ™ 2008-11-18 23:17:29
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Q: What was the use of the volleyball?
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Can you use your foot in indoor volleyball?

yes you can use your feet on indoor volleyball

Can you use legs in volleyball?

yes ,you can use your legs in volleyball when the shot is too deep.

What is the for the sports volleyball was made for?

what year is volleyball made what do they use what is they history

How does volleyball compare in participation to soccer?

you use your hands in volleyball and in soccer you use ur feet and u play on a cort in volleyball and in soccer u play on a feild

Can you use your feet in volleyball?

You may use any part of your body in volleyball, except when your serving. And remember: NO CARRYING!

Can you use feet in volleyball?

You may use any part of your body in volleyball, except when your serving. And remember: NO CARRYING!

What two sports use same ball?

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

What ia the meterial use in volleyball?

Material used in volleyball is sponge type.

Does volleyball use rally scoring?

Yes, volleyball uses rally scoring.

Can you use volleyball kneepads as football kneepads?

No you have to use volleyball knee-pads or you can't play nut it depends on the league

What hit should you use when the volleyball is coming towards you above your head in volleyball?


What is the use of volleyball ball?


Which volleyball ball is the best to use?


How does volleyball use momentum?

It moves :)

What shoes do you use for volleyball?


Does beach volleyball use backhand?


How does volleyball use your triceps?

When you combine both the hands together and strike the volleyball, you use your triceps. But here you have to use the limited power, otherwise the ball will cross the boundary.

When do you use agillty in volleyball?

To get to the ball. Ex specially in beach volleyball when there is only two people on the court.

What is a fact about volleyball?

in volleyball you can actually use your foot , if its going out of the court, to kinda of kick it back into the court.

What equipment do you need to use in volleyball?

you need knee pads,volleyball,mouthgaurd,and sneakers and a addidas bag

What material is use to make the volleyball?


What sport do you use the term setter?


What technology do they use in volleyball?

techno ology

What is the use of volleyball in health?

donkey boner!

How do you inflate a volleyball?

you can use a bike pump

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