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To prevent slipping on the floor.

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Q: Why do basketball players wear sneakers?
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What famous basketball players wear?

Sweatbands, wristbands, shooting sleeves, and some have specially designed sneakers

What shoes does a basketball player wear?

Cleats or high top sneakers

Name something basketball players wear?

Basketball shoesshortsjersey

What do basketball players wear on their legs?


What is the basketball uniform?

It is the clothing that the players wear.

Does basketball players wear shin guards?

No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

What clothes do basketball players wear?

They usually wear a basketball jersey shirt and shorts that are in the teams colors.

Where do pro basketball players buy their sneakers?

the same place we get r's except they have to get theirs custom made

What type of sports require hightop shoes?

Basketball players were the primary athletes who were encouraged to wear hightop sneakers. This was primarily because it was believed that it would prevent the players from rolling their ankles, and where thereby safer than the alternative sneaker. Additionally, high top sneakers help to provide support when landing from a jump. This, in particular, is beneficial to basketball players because they tend to jump more than other athletes.

What kind of clothes does a basketball player wear?

Most basketball players wear basketball shorts or other shirts like, "Just Do It".

What clothing do the basketball players wear in a basketball game?

t-shirt and shorts?

What do basketball players wear on their elbows?

Shooting sleeves.

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