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there's nothing special about what Basketball players wear

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Q: What special clothing does a basketball player use?
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What are the materials use in playing basketball?

Clothes needed for basketball is some type of uniform and basketball shoes you shouldn't wear baggey clothing while playing basketball.

What do you use reading for to be a basketball player?

to read the defender

What size of basketball does a NBA player use?

they use an nba sized ball

What type of basketball strategies do the player use?

Many stratiges.

Why do doctors wear special clothing?

Doctors wear special clothing to protect themselves and their patients during procedures. Most are designed to be disposed of after use to prevent the further spread of diseases.

What is a sentence that you can use professionally in it?

The basketball player professionally dunked the ball.

What is the difference between the Olympics and the Paralympics?

Paralympics is for able people who use special wheelchair for basketball.

How can you use the word stooped in a sentence?

The basketball player stooped to get through the door.

How do you use unskillful in a sentence?

The basketball player's inability to make a layup showed how unskillful he was.

What are the biggest differences between basketball and football?

football has a goal basketball has a net football you use your feet basketball you use your hands football you use a football basketball you use a basketball football you use a pitch basketball you use a court there is loads

What materials did ancient china use?

They use clay bowls and plates, but the rich use glass or metal. They also use cotton for clothing, and the rich use special colored cloth.

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