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It is the clothing that the players wear.

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Q: What is the basketball uniform?
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What is a basketball uniform'?

Basketball Uniform (jersey) is important to discern the teams, they are usually shorts and tops. Each player on the court must have a number on their uniform.

Can you wear a shirt under a basketball uniform?

Yes you can, it has to be the same color as your uniform.

Do you have to tuck in your uniform in a basketball game?

Yes, you have to tuck your uniform in in all basketball games. In middle school, high school, youth groups, college, and the NBA you have to tuck your uniform in.

Is a jersey a flower?

no its a basketball uniform lol

Sample solicitation letter for basketball team uniform?

Dear madam, I will be joining the annual basketball competition at the Texas court starting this December 2013. In this regard, I would like to seek financial support for the production of our basketball team uniform..." is a sample solicitation letter for basketball team uniform.

What is the Most basketball uniform of all time?


What color uniform does a basketball referee wear?


How can you make a Troy Bolton costume?

Basketball uniform

How did basketball have a development?

uniform shorts got longerAdded rules

Sample solicitation letter for the team basketball uniform?


What are the materials use in playing basketball?

Clothes needed for basketball is some type of uniform and basketball shoes you shouldn't wear baggey clothing while playing basketball.

What college basketball have orange uniform?

Most recognizable NCAA basketball team with orange uni's is the Syracuse "Orangemen"

What uniform does a basketball hall of fame inductee wear?

a monkey outfit

What are 5 rules of basketball?

uniform throuout the world pass ball

What does the basketball uniform consist of?

Team jersey, shorts, shoes and socks.

What equipment do basketball players need?

shoes, basketball uniform or suitable clothing, basketball- women size 6 men size 7, water,

Sample format of solicitation letter for basketball uniform?

When submitting a solicitation letter for a basketball uniform, always remember to specify dimensions and appearance details. Talk about the size needed and the logo or emblem that fits.

What is the best Philippine basketball association uniform design?

Powerade Tigers, No doubt!

If a person went to all his basketball games and never wore his uniform how can that be?

He was the coach

What is the most important part of a basketball uniform?

your last name and number on the back

What brand was the US national basketball team uniform in 1984 olympic game?


How do you know witch people are on your time in basketball?

All players on your team have on the same uniform.

What is Gary Williams basketball uniform number?

His college basketball unifiorm number was 14, same as Shawn Mosely's number on the current squad.

What is the uniform used for basketball including shoes?

=the uniform you would need includes a good pair of sneakers, a jersey and a good pair of comfortable shorts.=

Item of clothing that begins with the letter B?

baby bonnet bra bandanna baseball cap baseball uniform Bermuda shorts basketball uniform