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Why not? Football is fast, violent, and exciting. While most American sports fans *watch* football, not nearly as many *play* football, because you need at least a dozen or so people and a fairly open area to play it (unless you count the fun but highly dangerous hallway-football games we played in college.) Many more people play Basketball, because you only need two people (or one, if you're really desperate) and available basketball courts are a lot more commen than empty fields big enough for football.

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Q: Why do Americans choose to play American football over any other sports?
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What do Scottish people do for fun?

Football (Not American football "Soccer" as Americans call it) other sports, Nothing special

What sports do people in Trinidad play?

In Trinidad, sports such as cricket, football (only Americans call it soccer) and various British and American sports like rugby, football, etc. But mainly they play "football" and cricket.

What spectator sports did Americans enjoy?

Americans did and still enjoy many spectator sports. Several include baseball, American football, ice hockey, golf and basketball.

What sports do they play in America?

Americans like to play ice hockey, American football, basket ball, rugby, wrestling and many more sports they like.

What are some American sports?

Baseball and American football are two good examples of American sports

What is the popular sports in Paris?

Spectator sports such as rugby and football (soccer for you Americans)

When was American football made?

American Football was founded in the mid- 19th century by American college campuses who studied the English sports of Football( Soccer )and Rugby to create the hybrid of both of these sports.

What sports are popular in Honduras?

football, baskettball, and American football

What sports do most Americans watch on thanksgiving?


What sport is the US known for?

American football and baseball. Americans of course also do well in many other sports, but those are not seen as 'typically American' in the way that these two are.

What are three types of sports?

football, american football and tennis + basketball

Why are sports important to American culture?

The most important sports to American culture are football, baseball and basketball.

What sports does most Americans celebrate?

Football, Baseball, Basketball,

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Soccer and Football

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American Football

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What group is better in the three major sports baseball basketball and football - African-Americans Asians Americans Euoropean-Americans?

Baseball, basketball and football are not the main sports in Australia so I don't really think you can compare us. But aussies are good at all sports, it runs in the blood.

What is American football also known as?

American sports

What are some sports played in ireland?

Football (Soccer to Americans) and Rugby

Is football one of the youngest sports?

no way man, you must be stupid to ask this. Football is the most popular sports in the world, and it's the most money spend. If you are asking about American football yes it is, i think American football is lame and pathetic

What sports are played in quarters?

American football and basketball.

What are the highest grossing sports in the us?

American football

US most popular sports?

American Football

What are Germany's major sports?

football(as in american soccer)

What of America makes it into pro sports?

is it American football