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Baseball and American football are two good examples of American sports

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Q: What are some American sports?
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What sports does south Africa not prefer to play?

Well South Africans play all, but some of the weaker sports are American Football, Basketball and Baseball mostly the american sports, but some others such as Aussie Rules Football, and 'country specific' sports

Do malasians play the same sports Americans do?

No, actually they don't. They play some American sports but, they also play their own sports.

What are some Kansas sports?

Just the normal American sports I.E.: Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Football etc...

What are some facts about French Sports?

American Football is actually French =)

When was American Sports Cavalcade created?

American Sports Cavalcade was created in 1983.

When was American Sports University created?

American Sports University was created in 2006.

What is the cheapest American sports car?

The term Sports Car means different things to different people. The only true American sports car priced for the average person is the Chevy Corvette. There are some other exotic sports cars built here but they are very expensive.

Who were the first African American sports players?

Some of the first African American sports players include George Dixon, Marshall Taylor, John Baxter Taylor, as well as Fritz Pollard.

Which is a legacy of racism?

some sports teams have mascots that are associated with American Indian stereotypes

What are some popular sports in Nevada?

Many of the sports in Nevada is the same as any other American State.But what do i know i live in Dundee,Scotland

What are some sports people bet on?

People bet on all sports. Baseball, basketball, American football, soccer, hockey ... it doesn't matter.

Is sport an American history?

No sports are games for enjoyment. Some were created before America and some were created after America

What are some of the most popular Texas sports?

Some the most popular sports of Texas are lacrosse, basketball, football, baseball, track, swimming, and basically anything that the traditional all-american family would enjoy. Many different sports have been around for 100s of years and continue to be American favorites.

When was American College of Sports Medicine created?

American College of Sports Medicine was created in 1954.

What are some popular sports played in North America?

According to Wikipedia, the four most popular team sports in North America are American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. Some popular individual sports include motor sports and track and field.

What did the US American sports people play in the 1860s?

The US American sports people played in the 1860s were rather limited. Some of them included golf, boxing, cricket, baseball and rowing among others.

Why are sports important to American culture?

The most important sports to American culture are football, baseball and basketball.

What are some popular sports in America?

Basket ball, (American) football, soccer, ice hockey.

What are some sports people do in Costa Rica?


What sports were played in the 1920's?

Some sports that were played. Baseball was a huge favorite American pasttime. Other sports included boxing, tennis, football, golf, swimming and polo.

Is it true that although Americans movies are popular around the world American sports are not played outside the US?

no it is not true. American sports are being played all around the world. Canada happens to be big on sports which includes American sports.

What is American football also known as?

American sports

Are sky sports American?


How can Latin American students participate in sports?

Many Latin American schools don't have sports, so in order for Latin American students to play sports they join an outside of school club or association.

What are the release dates for American Sports Cavalcade - 1983?

American Sports Cavalcade - 1983 was released on: USA: 1983